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Health & Wellness

iTOVi Exercise Guide: Part 3: Exercise Plan Specifics: Cardio

Heart Helper

iTOVi Exercise Guide: Part 2: Creating the Base of an Exercise Plan

Respiratory Salve

Skin Care & Beauty

All About Beauty: Part 3: Self-Expression Through Fashion

Treating Scars With Essential Oils

All About Beauty: Part 2: Finding Self-Expression

A Guide to DIY Bug Sprays with Essential Oils

Mental & Emotional Health ​

Fall Coronation Blend

Just Shine Blend

A Point On Your Emotional Journey: The Wall

Denouement – Essential Oil Blend

Kids & Pets​

Wet the Bed

Happy Ears Essential Oil Roller for Kids

No More Tantrums

iTOVi for Kids!

Household & Cleaning

Essential Life of the Vanilla Oil

Air Purification & Essential Oils

Ants vs. Essential Oils

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Recipes & Nutrition

Fresh Beet Toast – EO Recipe

The iTOVi Nutrition Guide: Part 5: Women’s Nutrition

The iTOVi Nutrition Guide: Part 4: Timing

Spinach Basil Pesto – EO Recipe

iTOVi Tips & Tricks

iTOVi Reference Books in the iTOVi App

DNA Unraveled

10 iTOVi Experiences

How the iTOVi Scanner Technology Works

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