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iTOVi provides technological solutions to help modern essential oils users! Discover how the iTOVi Scanner, App, and community can help you!

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Personal & Family Wellness

Want better personal wellness for you and your family? Discover how the iTOVi Scanner can help!

Business Building

Looking to build your wellness business? Discover how the iTOVi Scanner can help!

Professional Use

Supplement your business with natural wellness products! Discover how the iTOVi Scanner can help!


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Want to partner with iTOVi? We help wellness brands bring their products to a wider audience, spark interest, increase order volume, and more. Reach out to us for more info! 

Helpful Resources

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A Point On Your Emotional Journey: The Wall

Hitting a wall on your emotional journey? Discover how to overcome it by taking care of your body, adjusting your pacing, and supporting your subconscious mind!

Heart Helper

Help your heart relax and stay healthy with this easy, homemade topical solution!

Denouement – Essential Oil Blend

Stare at the sunset…and roll credits. Learn to relax, let go, and be at peace using this essential oil blend and the storytelling idea of denouement.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination & Essential Oils

Continually staying up late on accident? Learn how to fight revenge bedtime procrastination with your iTOVi Scanner, essential oils, and smart lifestyle habits!

iTOVi Exercise Guide: Part 2: Creating the Base of an Exercise Plan

Exercise usually takes a little planning. Learn how to create the base of a personalized, effective, enjoyable and sustainable exercise plan here!