Protecting your iTOVi scanner from damage is of the utmost importance. Your iTOVi scanner comes with a one year limited warranty and the choice of an extended lifetime warranty. Learn more about protecting your iTOVi investment below.

Limited Hardware Warranty

Each iTOVi scanner comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty that begins the day the scanner is purchased. This warranty includes coverage for manufacturer defects and shipment loss.

Extended Hardware Warranty

At check-out, customers can opt for warranty coverage that extends past the limited manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranty for the iTOVi scanner is a one-time purchase that covers loss, theft, water damage, and any other accidental damage for life. Customers that purchase the extended warranty may receive their first replacement at no cost. If a second replacement is needed the customer will pay a $50.00 deductible fee per warranty claim.

The extended warranty costs $29.99 and can be added anytime within 30 days of the initial iTOVi scanner purchase. After 30 days, the cost of the extended warranty is $99 and is for the life of that particular device.

If you are experiencing problems with your iTOVi scanner, most issues can be solved by searching our library of frequently asked questions. If you are not able to find a solution to your specific issue or need to make a warranty claim, please contact our customer support team at 877-483-3748.

We will follow all laws and regulations to the best of our ability when shipping iTOVi scanners internationally. Some countries may charge a nominal customs fee for your delivery. iTOVi will only reimburse customs fees for replacement devices that have been deemed defective. For more information about shipping and customs fees, please refer to itovi.com/shipping

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