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We are dedicated to help your business grow!

One of the ways we do that is offering private classes and webinars to groups.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The minimum class size is 10 people. Bring friends, family, downline members, upline members, or anyone who would be interested in using or building their business with the iTOVi scanner and app.
  • We can tailor these classes to your specific wants and needs, some common topics include:
    • How to use the iTOVi scanner at classes and parties.
    • How does the iTOVi technology work?
      How can I maximize the iTOVi for use in my home and business.
    • Why Diamonds are using the iTOVI and what they want you to know.
    • What do my scan results mean to me?
    • How can I meet more people and start more conversations with the iTOVi scanner than ever before?
    • And more!
  • Many people bring non-iTOVi users to these classes who are interested in owning one. Anyone who purchases as a results of the business building class will be counted as a referral for you. Remember, each referral will result in $50 for you or is counted toward lowering your monthly service fee.

It’s our LOVE Sale!

And, It starts NOW!