iTOVi For Professionals

The iTOVi Scanner is a powerful, client-friendly tool to add to your practice!

Use the iTOVi Scanner in your practice to…

  • Connect to your clients and help them connect to their bodies
  • Send clients home with their personalized scan report as a take-away
  • Upsell clients with essential oil and supplement selections personalized to them
  • Gather client contact information and streamline client follow-up
  • Facilitate the creation of an at-home wellness plan that will supplement the treatment you have given them
  • Encourage clients to come back and get another scan with their next treatment
  • Increase your client’s practical knowledge about health, wellness, and essential oils
  • And more!

How Does It Work?

1. Scan Your Customers

Find the point in your service where it would be best to offer your customers a scan. 

You may scan them for free as part of your service or for a charge. 

2. Review & Select

Review and discuss your customer’s scan report results with them. Help them select the best products and activities to match their wellness goals!

3. Follow Up and Repeat

When your customer returns, ask them how it went with the services and products you provided. Offer to give them another scan.

Which iTOVi Plan is best for use in my practice?

Since the Personal Plan limits the number of people you can scan, we recommend our Business Monthly OR Business Lifetime Plan for anyone looking to use their iTOVi Scanner in their practice. 

We also highly recommend subscribing to our reference book material so that all of your clients can have access to prime educational content on the products they see in their scan reports.



Minimum requirements for iOS devices
– iOS 10.0 or higher
– Bluetooth 4.1

Minimum requirements for Android devices
– Android 5.0 or higher
– Bluetooth 4.1

Note: The Huawei phone is not compatible due to not running Android or iOS

The iTOVi scanner system is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The iTOVi measures changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin and then displays a report of products.

Yes, you can. However each iTOVi scanner can only be associated to one account with a unique email address and monthly access plan or lifetime access purchase.

Yes. You can change your plan from Monthly Access to Lifetime Access at any time. Please contact our Customer Support team to process this request.

When changing plans, we can apply up to $80 that was paid while on Monthly Access towards the total price of Lifetime Access. Also, customers will retain their referrals when switching plans. All referrals that have not contributed towards a benefit to reduce the subscription price on Monthly Access will be paid $50 per referral. These referrals will be paid out separately just like any other referral and will not be applied towards the purchase of the Lifetime Access plan.

Once completing the scan, you’ll have the option to email or text the report to the client.

You can view the plan comparison chart by clicking –> here.

Let's Do This!

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