Getting Started With iTOVi

Welcome to iTOVi!

A health and wellness tool.

Whether your goal is to improve the wellness of yourself or others, or if you’re interested in building your business, the iTOVi Scanner is here to help by providing a personalized report of oils and supplements for you and your clients.

Getting Started/Setup

Follow these easy steps to begin using your scanner:

Download the iTOVi mobile app. Download for iOS Apple or Android users.

Log-in to the App using the same email and password used when you purchased the iTOVi.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your device/phone.

Unplug your iTOVi Scanner from the charger.

Ensure that your iTOVi is in the ‘on’ position. Paring should begin.

Start scanning!

If you would like a personalized consultant to help you get started, we’d love to help you! Please contact a member of our Customer Support team at (877) 483-3748 to schedule today!

What’s inside your iTOVi Scan Report?

Download the report now to get an overview of the entire scan report, the Emotions Report, and the Body Systems Report.

iTOVi User Guide

Download the iTOVi User Guide to get started!


iTOVi for Business

The iTOVi Scanner and App are incredible resources to help you build your business. With over a million people scanned to date, we know that scanning leaves a lasting impression on potential clients.

Many of our members use the iTOVi Scanner and app to:

  • Meet new people interested in essential oils and supplements.
  • Start conversations around products they scan for.
  • Offer FREE scans at classes, parties, etc.
  • Allow hands-on science to support the essential oil and supplement discussion.
  • Grow their business.
  • Send customized email reports to their clients and so much more!

iTOVi for Home and Personal Use

8 ways to enhance your personal iTOVi experience:

Scan and apply once a week.

  • Discover which oils your body responds to the most.
  • Defuse or apply what you scan for throughout the day or week.
  • Keep track of what you scan for over time.
  • Use the iTOVi app as a reference for oil uses.
  • Scan your friends, family, and pets.
  • Learn about oils you’ve never used before.
  • Carry the scanner with you to scan others who can benefit.

Referral Program

A simple and unique referral program that pays!

Our referral program helps you build your business, lower your monthly payment, and even earn extra cash. We’ve proudly paid out over $990,000+ to our customers!

Click the button below to learn all about our referral program!

iTOVi Resources

Now that you have your new iTOVi, we want to make sure you have all the assets you need to make an impact with your business and your personal life.

On our marketing page you will find:

  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Banners
  • Guides
  • Social Media Post Templates
  • Trouble Shooting Guides
  • Training videos and more
  • These are all FREE resources that you can use and download.

Click the button below to visit our marketing page.

Partner with iTOVi

Many iTOVi members want to partner with iTOVi! The Following are ways that we often partner with iTOVi members:

Facebook Live, Zoom, or Conference Call with your network.

Expose your network to the business building side of iTOVi. Any referrals that come from this interaction are credited to you.

Click the button below to schedule a time.

Join us on a private webinar.

Customize a webinar for you and your network. You decide the training topics.

Click the button below to sign up for a free class. Must have a minimum of 10 people attending each class. Both iTOVi owners and non-owners are welcome.

Become an iTOVi Ambassador.

First access to iTOVi sales, announcements, exclusive giveaways, and more!

If you have a social media or group following of more than 5,000 people, we want to hear from you! Send an email to to apply.


Minimum requirements for iOS devices
– iOS 10.0 or higher
– Bluetooth 4.1

Minimum requirements for Android devices
– Android 5.0 or higher
– Bluetooth 4.1

Note: The Huawei phone is not compatible due to not running Android or iOS

In order for your scan information to be saved, your mobile device must be connected to the internet using either WiFi or cellular data.

You may be receiving the skin contact error message if your skin is too dry or too moist. The iTOVi needs to have clean and direct skin contact to complete a scan. Try drying or dampening your skin and try again. If the issue persists, try another part of the body.

The iTOVi uses the latest form of Bluetooth technology, and does not need to be paired to your iTOVi scanner. Ensure that your Bluetooth and iTOVi are turned on, log into your app and attempt to connect and scan.

Once your iTOVi scanner is connected to your iTOVi app, you can check the status of the battery in the settings of your iTOVi app. At the top of the settings page, the battery icon will be either green, yellow, red or grey. If the battery icon is grey, it means you are not yet connected.

The on/off switch acts as the reset button for the iTOVi scanner. Reset your device by turning the device off and then back on 3 times.

1. Unplug your iTOVi from the charger

2. Make sure that your scanner is in the “on” position which is the “|” (your scanner will vibrate)

3. Ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on from your phone/tablet, but do not pair your device to the iTOVi

4. Enable Location Services

Once logged into your app, click on the top left-hand corner of your main screen to click on “My iTOVi”. Your iTOVi should buzz and light up indicating it’s connected and ready for a scan.

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