Discover The Research Behind iTOVi

iTOVi’s products are designed to support the wellness industry through education and science. On this page, you’ll find resources that describe Galvanic Skin Response, Bioelectricity, and DNA analysis—the scientific and technological cornerstones behind your personal iTOVi reports and personalized product recommendations. We hope you and your friends find these educational resources useful on your iTOVi wellness journey!

iTOVi Galvanic Skin Response Resource Guide

Galvanic Skin Response is a unique scientific measure, valued for its ability to produce individualized, quantifiable data on physiological and psychological responses. Check out this free resource guide to learn about electrodermal activity, the history of GSR, and how GSR is used in the iTOVi Scanner. Share this resource with your friends and clients!

iTOVi The Body’s Electrical Language

You are electric! The human body and nearly all its functions rely on its ability to generate, conduct, and resist electrical currents. Centuries of research on bioelectricity has led to some of the most significant technological advances in the medical history and iTOVi is proud to be a part of this growing frontier! Download this free resource guide to learn about the exciting and diverse field of bioelectricity!

DNA Unravelled

Your DNA is the foundation of your body and your wellness. It is also what makes your body unique! In this free resource guide, you will learn about how DNA works, how it is analyzed, and how iTOVi DNA uses genetic information to increase individual wellness.

iTOVi Case Study

Have you been looking for a way to boost your essential oils business? With the iTOVi Scanner & App, iTOVi members have access to many powerful business building tools—but until now there hasn’t been much written on how to use those tools effectively. That’s why iTOVi is proud to present: 10 Ways to Build Your Business with the iTOVi Scanner, featuring the stories of ten successful iTOVi business builders and their practices, tips, and insights into business building with an iTOVi Scanner. Their stories will teach you how to spark people’s interest in essential oils, on-board new members, follow-up with your contacts and team members, increase the volume of your team’s monthly orders, and more! We send out a warm thank-you to all of the iTOVi business builders who agreed to be interviewed for this issue and we hope that you enjoy learning how to build your business with the iTOVi Scanner!

Peek inside “50 Ancient Remedies”

Download a sample of 50 Ancient Remedies: A History of Essential Oils and Where They Come From
Here’s a sample of our historical reference book. Great for essential oil users who want to know the story behind what’s in their bottles!