Personal & Family Wellness

The essential oil community’s leading technology for personal wellness!

With the iTOVi Scanner and your personalized scan reports, you can…

  • Pick the best essential oils and supplements for YOU
  • Optimize your personal wellness plan with the areas of focus, activities, and products best suited to your body
  • Scan yourself regularly to track your stress and discover trends in your wellness
  • Increase your practical knowledge about health, wellness, and essential oils
  • Support your family members and friends in their wellness journeys
  • And more!

How Does It Work?

1. Find Your Best Product

Pick the top products from your scan report that match your wellness goals.

2. Optimize your Wellness Plan

Learn to use those products and then make and follow a plan to use them regularly. Monitor your improvement.

3. Scan again & Share With Others

When you’re ready to check in with yourself again or revise your wellness plan, scan again and help others do the same!

How often should I scan?

We recommend that everyone who owns an iTOVi Scanner scan themselves at least once a week. 

However, you can scan more often! Discover more details about how often to scan, when to scan, and more on our blog post page: How Often Should I Scan?



By clicking on each product you’ll be able to view the common uses for each product as well as the recommended application whether topically, aromatically, ingested, etc.

Right now the price of the Personal Plan is $9.99/mo plus the one-time cost of the iTOVi Wellness Scanner. The price is scheduled to increase to $14.99 when we come out of BETA.

The iTOVi scanner communicates via Bluetooth LE (version 4.0+) with your mobile device. Some older iOS and Android devices do not support this Bluetooth version. Please check with your device manufacturer to make sure it supports Bluetooth LE before purchasing.

The scan should complete in 2-3 minutes or less. If your sessions are taking longer, please quit the app and open it again.

Let's Do This!

Take charge of your personal wellness today with the iTOVi Scanner.

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