How to Scan & Interpret iTOVi Reports

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The iTOVi Scan Report is a treasure trove of personalized wellness information.

iTOVi Scan Reports are an excellent way to master your personal use of essential oils, detect wellness patterns in your life, build customized wellness plans, and help others do the same. The one catch is that you have to know how to read your scan reports in order to get the full benefit from them.

Let’s learn all about the scanning process and interpreting the results!

Setting Up A Scan

To run a new scan, click scan from the home screen, client, or profile pages on the bottom toolbar of the app. Make sure your scanner is turned on, and your bluetooth is on and connected. Watch a video on how to connect your scanner.

First, choose who will be scanned. Click, “Myself” or choose someone from your “Contact List” and click “Next.” If you’re scanning a new client or family member, you will need to add their information.

Under “Number of Products on Report”, you can choose 3, 5, 7, or 10. This is how many items will show on your “Top Products Report”. We recommend a lower amount if you or a client are new to essential oils and scanning, as 10 products can be overwhelming at first. 

You can choose the “Scan Video” you’d like to present while a scan is running. You can select “Educational” for a walk-through about what is happening (great for a client scan), or you can select a randomized “Mindful” video that will promote a peaceful setting for focus and awareness.

You can also choose what you’d like to scan for using Product Groups. You can select all products, or just single oils, blends, supplements, etc. You can even create your own Product Groups if you’d like to scan for just the products you own, or other groupings you may need. 

Your scan will vary in duration depending on what products you chose to scan for. 

What is Happening During a Scan?

Rather than take one essential oil product at a time and use it as a stimulus (that would take quite a while), iTOVi developers decided to present each product, not in oil form, but through their frequencies.

Each essential oil product has a unique electrical frequency that can be imitated through radio frequencies, which iTOVi uses as stimuli for this Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) scan.

Sending a frequency that is identical to the frequency for, say, Lavender to the body is like giving the body the quickest, tiniest dose of Lavender. Or at least that is what the skin believes is happening.

The scanner sends that frequency into the body and can immediately pick up the body’s autonomic response to it. The amplitude of the phasic response to the Lavender frequency can act as a measure of how responsive this individual would be to Lavender in oil form.

Since electricity moves so fast—GSR scanners can record samples quickly. In less than two minutes, the iTOVi Scanner can send you the frequencies for more than a hundred products, then measure and record your response to all of them. 

Learn more about the science and technology of GSR.  

Your essential oil, blends, and other product responses are then categorized into groups where the product can offer the most support based on its traditional/scientific functions. This inventory is then categorized into three comprehensive reports.

How to Read the Scan Report

When the scan is complete, you will receive a summary of all three reports. The Product Report, The Emotional Report, and the Body Systems Report. You can tap anywhere on the screen to view each report. There is also a drop-down arrow at the top of the screen to toggle between reports.

Product Report

The product report shows the top 3-10 products, depending on what was selected before the scan. These products are ranked from high to low, based on the strength of your response. These products provide the best clues to the state of your physical and emotional wellness. 

For each product, you’ll see an image, its name, and to the left you’ll see that product’s ranking number in your scan report. Also there is a symbol indicating whether that product is a single oil, oil blend, or supplement. 

To learn a little more about any product you see on this page, tap on the little arrow beneath its name. A drop down menu will show you the body system and/or emotional categories that this product is associated with. 

Look out for any category trends that come on your first page, especially your top five. If your top response products are clustered into the “Clarity” or “Immune System” category for example, that area of wellness may deserve more attention. 

If you want more in-depth information on any of these products, want to learn how a product is used, or want to buy a product from this page, tap on the product card and you’ll be taken to the general information page for that product. Also, if you’re subscribed to our reference book material, be sure to tap on the “Reference Books” tab on the top right to get even more helpful information. 

Emotional Report

Next is the Emotions Report. This wheel is segmented into 12 categories. Each emotional category has its own section that can have up to 5 products assigned. The wheel is set up so the category with the most products assigned will be this large, teal bar. Then it goes clockwise from greatest amount to least amount of products recommended for each category. You can tap on each bar or scroll through the categories.

There is also a list view for those who like to see it all at once.

Say you have 5 products recommended for Inspiration. You can scroll down to see which products can offer support. You will view them in order of strength with a ranking number, you still responded to the other products listed, but your response to them may be significantly weaker. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need more inspiration, but that you had more products fall into this category than another, and might be worth looking into! Especially if you don’t have one product available, you can use another. 

In making your wellness plan, emotions are more interpersonal. You can choose to focus on the largest bar, explore the wheel more, or you can choose an emotional category you feel like working on, using the recommended products to support you. 

To learn more about the uses and benefits of any of the products in your wheel, tap on the product card to access its general information page and reference book material. You can also find information on any product by selecting “Product Groups” in the home menu, Select the “Products” tab on the top left, and click “Learn More” under any item. 

Body Systems Report

Just like the emotions wheel graph, each body system has a category and supporting products assigned and ranked. 

Remember, having 5 products in one section, does not necessarily mean your body urgently needs support in that area—especially if the products in that category have ranking numbers in the 10s, 20s, or higher. However, having lots of products in any category does let you know what your best options are!

Focusing on top products alongside fuller categories can keep your body systems supported, balanced, and healthy!

Viewing Past Reports

To view your past scan reports, tap the profile tab in the bottom toolbar on the app. Select “Scan Reports.” This is where you will find your scan reports in chronological order. Select a scan report to view. You can also use past reports to view trends, and see which oils may appear more often. If you don’t own a certain product, you can it to your next order to try it out!

You can also find past client reports under the client page, and tapping on their profile.

You can even share a report with them. If a client wants to view the interactive wheels, they will need to download the iTOVi app and click “View Report in App” from the email. It may take a moment, but the app will ask if they want to import a Scan Report.


The iTOVi scanner can transform your journey towards health and vitality into a personalized, informed, and empowering experience!

This approach allows you to gain a better understanding of the products that align with your body’s need for support, offering a tailored roadmap for achieving optimal well-being based on both traditional and scientific understanding.

We’ve created a printable PDF that you can download and keep on hand for easy reference. Whenever you scan a new person, you can share this PDF with them so that they have a great experience with their first scan report!

Watch the 8 minute Training Video

Download the Printable PDF:


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