Just Shine Blend


1 drop Melissa

2 drops Coriander

2 Cypress

There are times when what you need (and what the world needs from you), is not for you to plan more, gather more, learn more, become more, or even think a lot more. A point is reached when, when what you need—and what the world needs—is for you to shine!

Don’t hide your light. Don’t hold back. And don’t compromise on expressing yourself. Your beauty is a gift! It’s a gift you are meant to hold and enjoy during your life and gift that the world needs. Your light inspires hope, comfort, and can even bring out the light in others, helping to inspire them and spark their transformative journey. So don’t hide it! Shine!

Fears of Vanity

Sometimes we are so afraid of vanity—so afraid of the potential consequences of overestimating ourselves, including perhaps the risk of drawing social doubt or outright criticism—that we forget to or even habitually hold ourselves back from shining as brightly as we can!

We fear there is something wrong with our light or the act of sharing it.  

But consider, for a moment, a star in the sky. A star simply shines.  It doesn’t question the value of its light, it just shines! It expresses itself, sharing its light as fully as it can without any fear of judgment, worrying about other people’s reactions, or scarcity-bound concerns over “taking up too much space”.

There is enough room for your light. 

And rather than crowding others out, when you shine as bright as you can with all the love and compassion in your heart you let others know that it is okay and safe for them to do the same! 

So shine! And don’t be ashamed, not to be your best self or to be seen. 

Remember, if you don’t stop and shine every once in a while, how will you know what you are capable of and what you have to give to others? Stop and self-witness every once in a while. Self-celebrate a bit. But mostly just be


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