Fall Coronation Blend


1 drop Lemongrass

2-3 drops Helichrysum

2 drops Sandalwood

Tips for shedding your scarcity mindset this season: 

Step 1. Identify the Scarcity-Driven Thought

Scarcity is crafty. Scarcity-driven thoughts and attitudes tend to sneak up on us, invading our lives and relationships without us noticing! 

…which is why the first step is to be on your guard—to catch our scarcity-driven thoughts when they sneakily rear their heads!

Learn to recognize the pessimistic, cynical, defeatist, and often shame-rooted attitude that comes with scarcity-driven thoughts. Grow suspicious of thoughts (spoken or not) that include words and ideas like “never”, “hopeless”, “not enough”, or “probably [insert negative prediction here]”. 

When you catch hold of a scarcity-driven thought, quickly recognize it for what it is; a fear-fueled, nasty monster that wants to keep you from taking the helm of your own life and reaping the abundant rewards of courage. 

Step 2: Reverse the Thought into Abundance

Time to banish the monster. 

Take the scarcity-driven thought that has beset you and transform it into a sentence full of optimism, hope, and intrepid courage. Reframe challenges as opportunities. Talk about what you can do now to invite change, spark a positive chain of events, take advantage of the abundant resources around you, and achieve your dreams.

Here are some examples:  

“I’ll never get all of this done in time! My boss is gonna be so mad at me!”

“I’ll look at my to-do list, prioritize, and ask for help so the most important tasks get done. This will be a great opportunity for me to talk to my boss and work out a better system for filling my schedule.”

“I can’t throw away these old art projects! I may never have anything like them ever again!”

“I’ll take pictures of the old art to go in my digital “memories folder” and then throw them away to make room for new art!” 

“Tonight has to be perfect. We won’t get another chance like this!”

“I am going to relax and savor this evening. I’ll even laugh at the hiccups because they will be part of the story of this wonderful night—a precious memory that will cheer my heart for years to come!”

“It’s ruined. And I’ll never get a chance to fix it.”

“I’ve gained experience. I’m going to learn from my mistakes, find new opportunities, and be better off than before!”

“I’ll never understand this course material.”

“I’ll ask the teacher to help me after class. This will help me understand the course material, help me practice asking for help, build a good relationship with my professor, and set me up for success in this class! I’m aiming for an A!”

“I’m totally lost.”

“Now’s a great time to go back to the drawing board and see new possibilities there!”

Each scarcity-driven thought that you transform into an abundance-driven thought will work like a seed for your future glorious harvest! Let your optimism carry you into doing all that you can, within your values, to see your dream become a reality!

Step 3: Await Your Harvest

After you’ve done what you can (after you’ve planted the seed), it’s time to water it with your trust and confidence! 

Whether you sit back and take a well-deserved break as you wait for the next phase of work to be done or immediately get busy planting seeds in other fields in your life, make sure not to let scarcity-bound thoughts sabotage your waiting process. You’ll never grow anything if you dig up your seeds to check on them or pull the young shoots up out of the ground in your impatience!

Patiently and optimistically look for the first signs of return and success on your efforts—the first green stems shooting out of the ground! And then nurture the beginnings of your harvest with more optimistic effort and more patience.

Keep practicing an attitude of gratitude and abundance and your harvest will increase more and more! Look forward to the emergence of new opportunities, new resources and abilities, new growth and wisdom, and more to keep your harvest rolling!

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