Deep Rest – Essential Oil Blend


Deep Rest


4 drops Lavender

2 drops Chamomile

1 drop Marjoram 

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

Step #1: Eliminate distractors and introduce the blend. 

The purpose of the blend is to assist and coach your body into partaking in deep rest. 

The first step is to eliminate any distractions that would keep this blend and your body from working together to create deep rest. 

Distractions to eliminate or put aside may include digital devices, excess light, thoughts best saved for tomorrow, etc. 

The second step will be to introduce the blend to your senses through a 20-minute diffusion or a topical massage. 

Step #2: Mindfully enjoy the scent and the relaxing of your own body. 

Don’t just smell the blend. Savor it. Breathe it in deeply and try to mentally transfer the feelings you get from it to your muscles. 

You can pair this blend with a number of body-relaxing exercises, such as mindful breathing, progressive body scan meditations, putting on warm socks, journaling, reading, etc. 

Just make sure you don’t reintroduce any distractions between your nighttime routine and actually going to sleep. 

Use this blend regularly in tandem with your relaxing nighttime routine and your rest is sure to become deeper and more restorative!

Pro tip:

If you diffuse this blend, only diffuse it for about 20-30 minutes. This is the ideal amount of time for you for your nose and brain to benefit from the blend without over saturating the air in your bedroom with the blend. Also, humans can’t  smell anything in their sleep. So you will save some money on this blend if you turn off your diffuser before actually going to sleep.

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