Curl Up Comfort – Essential Oil Blend


Curl Up Comfort


4 drops Lavender

2 drops Frankincense

1 drop Clove or Vetiver

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

Step #1: Get comfy. 

When trying to comfort oneself or soothe anxious emotions, being physically comfortable helps the body and mind return to a state of equilibrium. 

If you are well-fed, warm, and physically safe, your body and mind can take attention away from managing external troubles and focus on taking better care of your internal state. 

Comforting postures, warm blankets, baths, calm environments, familiar sights and smells, and other stimuli will synergize with this blend.

Step #2: Set the diffuser. And breathe it in deeply. 

Deep breathing is soothing by itself. And its effect can be enhanced by the presence of a soothing aromatic blend. 

Some find it helpful to clear their mind and/or focus on their bodily sensations more than on their thoughts. 

Enjoy the blend for at least 20 minutes.

Pro tip: 

  • Sometimes the most comforting thing is to be still. And other times we benefit from soothing activities like mindfulness meditation, taking a nap, making tea, reading, watching a favorite movie, listening to relaxing music, doing a relaxing hobby, etc. Feel free to mix this blend with any of these activities.

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