Brain Flow – Essential Oil Blend


Brain Flow


3 drops Rosemary

2 drops Cypress

1 Drop Spearmint

1 Drop Green Mandarin

Understanding Brain Energy

Your brain is an engine in need of constant maintenance and fuel. 

It gets its energy from a number of simple sources, including a diet filled with healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, and oxygen. And if you don’t have these things, your brain won’t have any energy. 

But having energy and accessing one’s energy are two different things: Having energy can be compared to having gas in your car, while accessing your energy is like starting the ignition and pressing your foot to the accelerator

If you don’t have any energy—go take care of your dietary, sleep, and fresh oxygen needs. 

If you want help accessing your energy, use this blend and the instructions below.

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

Step #1: Breathe in the Blend as you get your Blood Flowing. 

Your blood is what carries fuel, in the form of  oxygen and necessary nutrients, to your brain. 

So if your blood isn’t flowing, your brain won’t either. 

Check in with your body. Is it feeling sedentary or sluggish? If so, take in a few sharp, deep breaths of this blend. As you so, complete one or more of the following blood-flow activities: 

  • Get moving. Walk around, do some jumping jacks, yoga stretches, a quick run, whatever you prefer. 
  • Get hydrated. Blood doesn’t flow without water. 
  • Cool down. A cooler body will run your blood faster. Drink cold water, splash cold water over your face, suck on some ice cubes, etc. (but avoid sugary drinks)
  • Get some sunlight. Sunlight signals your brain to get moving. 
  • Listen to some pump-up music. As your mind attunes to the music, your blood flow will increase to match. 
  • Chew gum. The act of chewing will help get the blood flowing in your head.

Step #2: Coax the Brain into a Flow State 

We don’t get the brain into a “flow state” by pushing it as hard as possible. 

We get it into a “flow state” by encouraging alpha brain waves. 

Alpha waves are the perfect balance between tired, sluggish thinking (theta waves) and too-fast, stress-ridden thinking (beta waves). They make up that state in which we are mentally engaged, but still open-minded, creative, and happy.

To encourage alpha brain waves: 

  • Visualize
  • Meditate
  • Do Yoga
  • Draw
  • Make Music or Listen to Binaural Beats
  • Do Mindful Sensory things

The more often you combine any of these activities with the Brain Flow blend, the easier it will be to bring your brain into an “alpha” flow state!

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