Grow Your Business

Focus on the Follow Up

We’ve come up with a list of our top tips to make following up with your essential oil clients as easy as possible.

Build Your Social Media and Business with iTOVi

Posting about your iTOVi on social media is an easy and efficient way to introduce and educate your followers about your scanner. You'll find that it may naturally open the door to a discussion about how you use yours and why you love it. And who knows, that simple online conversation could lead to a possible referral or two!

Explaining iTOVi to Non-Oilers

Do friends or family members ever ask you about your iTOVi scanner, and you aren’t quite sure how to explain it? If they use oils, it’s pretty easy to get them excited about a personalized wellness scanner.

5 Practices to Avoid Burnout in Your Business

While having a strong work ethic and drive is exceptionally admirable and necessary to be successfully self-employed, if it becomes detrimental to your wellness, you are likely to face a burnout. So how do you avoid burnout in your own business? Here’s where to start.

Positive and Productive Workspace

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite office tips and tricks to help you enjoy work a little more. Say goodbye crumpled sticky notes and hello personalized planning central!

Ain’t No Party Like a Scanning Party

Here are three easy and unique party ideas that work hand-in-hand with introducing your scanner while educating your attendees on the use of essential oils.

4 Common Scenarios to Reach for Your iTOVi Scanner

Here are four scenarios where reaching for your iTOVi scanner may be helpful.

3 Social Media Platforms to Help Build Your Business

Using social media for essential oils will help you grow your business, and you should incorporate these 3 platforms as soon as today!

Breaking the Ice with Your New Essential Oils Lead

Here are two big reasons why iTOVi makes converting an essential oils lead as easy and comfortable as possible.