4 Common Scenarios to Reach for Your iTOVi Scanner


After the iTOVi scanner does a quick scan with galvanic skin response technology, it lists products to improve your overall general wellness. Learn more about how the iTOVi scanner works on our technology page. Whether you are looking to wow your clients or take your health and wellness to the next level, the iTOVi scanner is a leading tool for essential oil lovers.

Here are four scenarios where reaching for your iTOVi scanner may be helpful:

Planning your next purchase:

If you are an essential oils and wellness enthusiast, then you understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with waiting to order your next set of essential oils. Naturally, we want to get all of the oils in our hands and add to our expanding collection of remedies. One small issue: some quality essential oils may come with a hefty price tag. The iTOVi scanner can help you discover which essential oils you had a response to, thus making sure every last drop is utilized for your general wellness.

Breaking the ice at a dinner party:

You make it to your friend’s place, surrounded by people you don’t know, and things may start to feel a little stuffy. One great way to break the ice is to use the iTOVi scanner as a form of educational entertainment. Breaking the ice with an iTOVi scan can prove to be an educational and fun time! At the end of the night, the other guests may have a new found knowledge and intrigue about essential oils.

Impress your clients:

You’re a representative for an essential oil or wellness company and have been seeing your clients for a long time. They have come to trust you, things may have become stagnant with the same order over and over again. With the iTOVi scanner, you and your clients may discover new various beneficial essential oils and products. Some iTOVi users are shocked to find out that what they responded best to was different than they originally thought.

Preparing for your big moment:

Whether it’s a job interview or presenting in front of an audience, we all have those moments where our nerves may get the best of us. Imagine having a sense of calm confidence to knock things out of the park during your next high-pressure moment. People are now turning to essential oils to help reduce levels of stress and become more present in the moment. The iTOVi scanner can help you find out which essential oils your body would react to to make your next big day filled with remembrance rather than regret.

So how do you use the iTOVi scanner and essential oils? Share your iTOVi stories on social with the hashtag #itoviscanner for your chance to be featured throughout social media!
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