Breaking the Ice with Your New Essential Oils Lead

Essential Oils Lead

We wanted to move away from the technological side of iTOVi and focus more on the social aspect. What makes iTOVi such an effective sales tool is how approachable it is. Here are two big reasons why iTOVi makes converting an essential oils lead as easy and comfortable as possible.

Breaking the ice

It’s okay to feel nervous approaching others about your business. Thankfully the iTOVi scanner can make that whole situation easier for you. We’ve found that almost everybody is interested in getting an iTOVi scan when asked. The beauty of offering a free scan is that your essential oils lead has absolutely nothing to lose! So when you ask a friend, neighbor, or coworker to do a scan, you’re not putting them or yourself in an uncomfortable position. Let’s run through two scenarios to demonstrate the difference with iTOVi.

Scenario #1: Without iTOVi

You: Hey there Sally, I was hoping I could tell you a little about my essential oils business.

Sally: You know, I’m really not that interested in essential oils right now. I find the whole thing kind of overwhelming.

Scenario #2: With iTOVi

You: Hey Sally, do you want to try this new scanner I just got? It will list what essential oils your body may respond to.
Sally: Really? Sure, I’ll give it a try. I’m curious to see if it works for me.

The difference between the scenarios is that offering an iTOVi scan breaks the ice without coming off too strongly. When people participate in a scan, chances are they will be interested in the results and the conversation about purchasing product will come much more naturally.

Interact and capture information

A handy built-in feature with the iTOVi is the two-minute pause that occurs when the scanner is collecting results. You can take advantage of that pause to discuss essential oils and supplements and the difference they make. An iTOVi scan is an inherently interactive experience, which creates a window of opportunity where you have an engaged, interested prospect. By the time the results show up on the scan, your essential oils lead is well-aware of the benefits of the oils and supplements and is much more likely to purchase the product.

The iTOVi scanner acts as a data collector for you. In order to be scanned, the user needs to put in basic information like email and other contact information. Which means that you can stay connected with your prospect well after the initial scan. Being able to follow-up with clients via email or social media creates many more sales opportunities.

An iTOVi scan helps you gain a better understanding of what your client might be going through and how to better communicate with them. That insider information separates you from other distributors and allows you to develop a more meaningful relationship with your prospects. As that relationship of trust develops, you’ll have a loyal client that might become a friend too!

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