Regroup- Essential Oil Blend

Regroup — Essential Oil Blend


4 drops of Lavender

1 drop of Juniper Berry

1 drop of Eucalyptus

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

Step #1: Find a Safe Space, Slow Down, and Breathe.

Whenever we feel unsafe or stressed, it is easy, and severely tempting, to jump into flight-fight-or-freeze mode. 

And, of course, if there is a clear and present danger, these are good instincts to have!

However, in many other cases, rushing your response will not help you make the best decision.

Uncertainty must be seen not as a sign to panic but as a sign to slow down, regroup, and figure things out. 

Find a safe, preferably private, space, set this blend diffusing, and take in a few deep breaths. Try to reach a state of calm before you move on to Step #2. 

Step #2: Break it down.

To overcome your problem you need to understand it and yourself better. 

Take some time to honestly examine the situation, your own feelings, and your own capabilities with questions like: 

  • What exactly is the threat/problem? 
  • Why does it get to me so much/what is at stake? (Go ahead and vent if necessary.)
  • What is my #1 priority in confronting this problem? What other priorities should I keep in mind?
  • How did this problem begin? What else is contributing to it?
  • What are all my options/what are all the different ways I could possibly respond? 
  • Do any boundaries need to be set or reinforced? 
  • What skills, knowledge, or resources could I put towards solving this problem?
  • Do I need to gather more resources/support to handle this problem? 
  • What aren’t I willing to do to fix this problem? 
  • What are likely to be the short  and long-term outcomes of this event? 
  • Am I agitated enough now that it’s best for me to take a longer break for some self-care before I continue working on this problem?

If it helps, try talking to yourself out loud, mapping things out visually, or writing them out. 

When you are ready, determine what you want your next step to be. 

Step #3: Be brave and move forward. Regroup again when necessary. 

You may find yourself adjusting your whole strategy based on your thoughts from Step #2. But whatever you have decided to do—be brave enough to take that next step.

(Note, that it’s often okay if you don’t have it all planned out yet. Sometimes we can only take things just one step at a time.)

Remember as you move forward that, even if a step doesn’t go as you planned—that’s ok! In failing you will have gained new information, allowing you to adjust and try again in a better way

And anytime you feel overwhelmed, you can stop and regroup again.

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