Reborn in Spring – Essential Oil Blend



4 drops of Bergamot

2 drops of Lime

1 drop of Cassia

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

The purpose of this blend is to reduce anxiety around new beginnings and to encourage self-discovery.

Step #1: Quick Check In

Self-discovery is a wonderful journey—and like any journey you need to be just a little bit prepared for it! 

Stop a moment and check on your energy levels/resources. Have you eaten and slept enough recently? Are you especially stressed?

The Brain Power Checklist or FCAS Model may help. 

If you need to take a little time to destress or replenish your energy first, do so. 

Step #2: Energy Flow

When you’re ready, start diffusing the blend. Breathe deeply, and if you can, add a little physical movement into the experience (a little movement meditation, stretches, a walk, dancing, yoga, etc)

When you feel your energy is primed for self-discovery, move on to Step #3. 

Step #3: Start

Now it’s time to start discovering yourself!

Let your intuition guide you to know what part of yourself to explore and how to explore it. 

You may find it useful to: 

  • Test your abilities in a chosen area
  • Use meditation exercises
  • Create art
  • Use writing exercises
  • Experiment with your social and visual self-expression

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