Channel Your Stress – Essential Oil Blend



3 drops of Ginger

2 drops of Cardamom

2 drops of Tea Tree

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

The purpose of this blend is to help users channel their excess energy and stress into productive behavior. 

Not to be confused with repression, channeling your extra and agitated energy into useful action (a.k.a. healthy sublimation) can be a great way to learn and practice self control, support unconscious emotional processing, de escalate aroused emotions, and prepare oneself for more conscious emotional processing later when the mind is in a better place.

Step #1: Recognize

The first step is to recognize it when you are in a stressed, agitated, or restless state. 

It takes practice to catch ourselves and notice when we are in a significant state of stress, but this is one of the greatest emotional skills we can gain. 

Regular self check ins, perhaps with your iTOVi Scanner, can help you develop this ability.

Step #2: Stop, Choose, & Diffuse

Once you’ve noticed that you are running around with excess stress, STOP whatever it is you are doing (including any impulses you may have been pursuing to vent your stress, including emotional eating, emotional displacement, mental escapism through media, etc).

Once you’ve stopped, choose a worthy task to direct your energy towards. It may be best if this task is manual/physical (cleaning, gardening, exercising, wood carving—choose any task that is at least slightly useful and doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else).

Take a quick moment to diffuse this blend. Breathe it in deeply and let its smell help you focus your energy.

Step #3: Start

Start your task immediately. No time like the present. 

If you finish your task, you may either choose to immediately pick up the “next” useful task OR briefly stop and check in with yourself. You may decide that you are still very stressed and could benefit from more stress-channeling, you may decide that you are in need of a replenishing break, or that you are ready to begin consciously processing your emotions.

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