Our 5 Favorite Summertime Blends


A new season means it’s time for some new essential oil blends! Whether you choose to diffuse or you relish the rollers, we highly recommend the following summertime combinations.

Summer Citrus

  • 2 drops orange
  • 2 drops lemon
  • 1 drop grapefruit


  • 4 drops lemon
  • 1 drop basil
  • 1 drop spearmint

Sweet Sunshine

  • 3 drops lemongrass
  • 2 drops orange
  • 1 drop peppermint

Summer Sunset

  • 2 drops ylang ylang
  • 1 drop orange
  • 1 drop patchouli
  • 1 drop sandalwood

Fresh Flowers

  • 3 drops lavender
  • 2 drops geranium
  • 1 drop roman chamomile
  • 1 drop orange

We hope you enjoy these summery scents fit for the season. If you have a favorite summertime blend, share it with us in the comments below! And remember, an iTOVi oil scan is a great way to get ideas for your next blend.

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