How to Support your Natural Detox System with Essential Oils


Introduction: The Basics of Toxins and Your Detox System

“Toxin” is a broad term for chemicals, microbes, and other harmful substances that can get into your body and cause damage. 

And your body wages a constant war against such substances. 

Your skin is your first line of defense, constantly blocking bacteria and other pollutants from getting in. And your lungs and bowels provide emergency support, ready to eject invading toxins at a moment’s notice through coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

But your liver and kidneys, the true leaders of your detox system. They filter through every ounce of your blood multiple times a day, ensuring that any toxins you breathe in, eat, or absorb in any way get found and eliminated.

Of course, this system has its limits. 

And in a world increasingly full of synthetic chemicals, indoor and outdoor pollution, processed food, and pesticides—we could all do with giving our detox system a little extra support!

How can Essential Oils and Supplements Help? 

There are several ways that essential oils and supplements can be used to support your body’s natural detoxification system: 

Reduce your toxin intake.

The more toxins you can eliminate before they get into your body—the less they can damage your body or overload your natural detoxification system. 

Try diffusing essential oils for 30 minutes at a time to purify the air in your home (See our guide to Air Purification & Essential Oils here) or replacing chemical-laden household cleaners, beauty products, and synthetic fragrances with simple but effective DIY solutions. 

It’s also a good idea to: 

  • Drink purified water.
  • Take good care of your skin.
  • Wash your whole foods thoroughly before consuming them.
Support your Liver

Your liver is your greatest defender against toxins! Right at the very center of your body’s detoxification system, it works 24 hours a day to eliminate toxins and create special antioxidants called glutathiones to help reverse the effects of toxins.

And though it is an incredibly resilient organ, your liver can get bogged down by excess levels of fat, alcohol consumption, and sugary foods! 

Consider using your essential oils to: 

  • Maintain a liver-healthy diet filled with lots of fiber and healthy fats. 
  • Reduce your sugar cravings (cinnamon and citrus recommended). 
  • Keep your bowels moving (juniper berry and cypress recommended). 
  • Stimulate the liver’s functions (rosemary, geranium, and ginger recommended). 
  • Provide your body with antioxidants (most essential oils contain these).

It’s also a good idea to: 

  • Avoid excess sodium and alcohol
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get plenty of probiotics into your diet
  • Exercise regularly
Be Exact About Your Bedtime Routine

Few things will cripple your detoxification system like inadequate sleep. 

Poor sleep can damage your immune system, making you more vulnerable to toxins, as well as limit the amount of energy your body can use in protecting you from toxins. 

But good, regular sleep helps you keep your detox system at peak performance, even  allowing your brain fluid time overnight to wash away all the toxins and bi-product waste that have built up over the day!

So, to guard your sleep, use those essential oils to help you wind down your mind and body, get to bed on time, and get the sleep your detox system needs!

It’s also a good idea to: 

  • Avoid screens for the hour before bedtime. 
  • Make sure your sleeping arrangements are comfortable. 
  • Do a few stretches beforehand as it will help your body relax.

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