Naturally Beat Stress with 4 Simple Tips

Before going into how to naturally beat stress, here are some somewhat intense stats: 44 percent of Americans report that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. A huge factor that led to such a big jump in stress levels is fear – 49 percent of Americans cite fear as a major source of stress. The opposite of feeling fearful is feeling relaxed. We should all try to feel more relaxed. Being more relaxed can:

For that reason, we wanted to give you some tips on natural ways to beat stress that might help you feel more relaxed in a complicated world.

1. Limit Social Media

Studies support the notion that checking social media raise people’s level of anxiety. What happens is that people look at social media and compare their lives to the “greatest hits” moment of others. Avoiding social media profiles that bring you down, and choose to follow accounts that you find calming, or inspiring. Likewise, when using social media to promote your product, make your posts comfortable for your followers and they will continue to follow you.

2. Meditate

Meditating may seem like an odd practice for those of you who are not accustomed to meditating, but it can do wonders for your stress level. Studies have down that mindfulness meditation might be the most powerful relaxing technique there is. Sitting quietly and shifting focus towards awareness decreases anxiety, thus enhancing relaxation. Of course there are many different types of meditation, and this guide will give you the beginning steps to starting. No matter where you are, meditation is always an accessible method to naturally beat stress.

3. Exercise

Exercising can be intimidating, but studies have shown that even a short 10-minute walk can be the difference between relaxation and anxiety. One of the best aspects of using exercise as a relaxer is that it has both short run (no pun intended) and long run benefits. In the short run, exercise can relieve anxiety in the moment and help you relax. In the long run, regular exercise has been shown to improve mood, help with sleep patterns, and increase self-esteem. So if you’re feeling a little bit anxious while reading this post, go on a short walk outside and see how you feel!

4. Essential Oils

There are lots of good options for relaxing essential oils. Lavender is a great as a general relaxant. Just try rubbing it on your neck, forehead, chest, or bottoms of your feet. Before too long, you can be feeling destressed and relaxed. Rose is a powerful aromatherapy tool that is perfect for bubble baths or foot baths. Just add a little bit to your bath, breath deep, and enjoy the relaxation. Another great choice is chamomile. You can use chamomile to make calming teas, or you can even use it in your cooking to relax your overthinking, anxiety, and worry.

Please don’t feel overwhelmed with all of these suggestions. Try one or two tips to begin with, and if you feel comfortable, try implementing other strategies to naturally beat stress. Slowly but surely you will find a healthier, more relaxed, calmer you.

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