iTOVi and Your Baby

You’ve childproofed every cabinet, electrical socket, toilet and door in your home. You’ve researched the best daycare centers within a 15-mile radius of your house and have made sure you’ve read up on the latest and greatest potty training techniques. You are confident that you can proudly tote that “#1 Mama” or “World’s Best Dad” mug around your office.

Cut to the third extremely early morning in a row of your new baby refusing to go back to sleep. The kitchen sink hasn’t been empty for a week, and your pile of laundry looks as though it’s competing with Everest as the highest mountain on Earth. Raising a child is no joke, and we know all about the late nights and early mornings and all of the hectic times in between. iTOVi would like to make using essential oils around your young ones a little more comfortable for you.

The iTOVi scanner is entirely safe for people of all ages to use. When scanning your baby, be sure to place the scanner in a spot that will have direct skin contact. We have heard that the most successful (and most comfortable) spots for running a scan are on the bottom of the feet and along the calf.


When it comes to applying the products from your child’s scan report, there are several guidelines we recommend following. The first is never to allow your child to ingest or use essential oils orally due to their high concentration. Always consult your product company’s safety information and recommendations regarding the safety of oils for infant use. When diffusing oils around your baby, try using an ultrasonic or humidifying diffuser and fewer drops than you usually would for shorter periods of time. Exercising caution will introduce your baby to essential oils gently and may also help determine if your child has any sensitivity to oils.

If you want to apply oils topically, dilute them heavily with a carrier oil and spot test on an arm or leg before a more extensive application. Wait a few minutes and if there is no reaction then that oil is probably safe for further use. We don’t recommend adding oils to an infant’s bath as they may splash around water and cause the oil to make contact with their eyes or mouth.

It is important to know that the iTOVi is not a diagnostic device. Your baby’s body is not deficient in the products displayed on a scan report. We always recommend consulting with a pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby’s health.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to blends, check out our simple and easy recommendations below:

  • Bed-time blend: add one drop of lavender essential oil and one drop of cedar wood essential oil to an ultrasonic or humidifying diffuser and diffuse during your little one’s bedtime routine.
  • Happy blend: add one drop of orange essential oil and lavender essential oil to a 10 mL roller bottle and fill the rest with a carrier oil. Shake to combine and roll along the bottom of your baby’s feet to promote smiles and happy times.
  • Teething blend: combine one drop of lavender and one drop of Roman chamomile with 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil. Massage small amount on the outside of their cheeks along the gum line.

We hope that the iTOVi may bring relief to some of the difficulties of day to day life and that you and your baby thrive on your journey with essential oils and wellness.

Photo credit to @essentially_living and @kindred.essentials

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