Essential Oil Guide to Battling the Winter Blues

Have you been staring out the window for the past half hour, daydreaming about lying on a beach in the Bahamas? Are you sick and tired of scraping the ice off your car windshield every morning? Do you long for wildflowers and bluebirds instead of snowflakes and sweaters? If so, you could probably use some uplifting essential oils right about now.

During the colder winter months, many of us may find ourselves falling into a slump with less energy and motivation (otherwise known as winter blues or seasonal affective disorder). It can be easy to push off exercising and taking care of our bodies because cold weather seems to suck the fun out of our favorite activities.

To keep your spirits up and chuggin’ along, we’ve come up with a list of steps to battle the winter blues with essential oils. With your iTOVi in one hand and your oils in the other, we know you can get through this winter with a smile on your face!

Step 1: Find Your Favorites

While we often recommend some of our favorite diffuser blends, it’s important to know your body and your reaction to certain products. Something that uplifts and energizes us might not do the same for you! Before you attempt to tackle the cold, sample a few new oils to see which ones get you excited for the day. For us, anything citrus usually provides an energy boost–some of our favorites are orange and grapefruit oils. Peppermint is also a classic uplifting oil! Consider using the iTOVi scanner to help you find out which oils your body has a strong response toOnce you know which oils work best for energizing your mind, treat yourself to a cute roller bottle and keep it on hand all winter long!

Step 2: Get Movin’ & Groovin’

While laying on the couch binging your favorite Netflix show can be a great way to decompress after a long week, it isn’t a sustainable activity to pass the time until spring. It’s important to get off the couch and get your blood flowing! Even light exercise can help fight off those winter blues. Grab your gloves, slather on your favorite oil, and go for a bundled-up walk around the neighborhood. Even just stretching while you diffuse a favorite oil or two can help you start or end your day with a more positive mindset.

Winter Blues
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Step 3: Sip ‘n Scan

Morning routines are important and wouldn’t be complete without proper hydration. Since sipping plain water can be boring, add some essential oils to your cup to create a delicious combination. Before the craziness of your day starts, run an iTOVi scan on yourself. Once you know which oils your body has the strongest response to, you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil to your water (warm or cold) as you mentally prepare for the day ahead. If you have questions about which oils are safe for internal consumption, please consult your doctor or medical professional before adding them to your morning cup.

Step 4: Sleep is Essential

Sleep is just as essential as our essential oils! If you’re feeling groggy throughout the day, it might mean you aren’t getting enough sleep. Your body needs rest especially during these cold months to recharge and re-energize. To get the most out of your time in bed, we’re gonna suggest that you go back to Step 1, but this time, look for oils that help you wind down and feel relaxed. After sampling a few classics, like lavender or eucalyptus, pick which oil works best for your body. Once you have a favorite calming oil (or two or three), pop them in a diffuser or use a carrier oil to apply them topically to your temples and wrists. Making essential oils part of your nighttime routine may help promote better rest, which is crucial to beating those winter blues.

We hope this guide helps you power through the rest of this winter! If you have any other tips for fighting off the winter blues, please share them with us in the comments below.

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