Boredom Breaker – Essential Oil Blend

boredom breaker and essential oils

Boredom Breaker


3 drops Bergamot

2 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Lime

Understanding Boredom: 

Boredom often occurs when we have 1) time and energy to spare and 2) a natural desire to be mentally stimulated but are having a hard time finding a satisfactory outlet for that energy. 

Perhaps there are opportunities and resources nearby that could help us alleviate our boredom. But they appear too strenuous or drab to us in the moment. And we choose instead to go for easier sources of distraction/entertainment—such as food, TV, social media, or even destructive habits. 

However, if you can choose one of those more-difficult activities and only get yourself started on it, you will probably find it easier and more entertaining than you expected! 

To help yourself channel  your boredom into productive, healthy, and satisfying activities, see the tips below.

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend

Step #1: Choose to either explore, learn, create, or improve: 

Excess energy and time are best spent either 

  1. Exploring (ideas, places, etc)
  2. Learning
  3. Creating
  4. Improving (self, environment, relationships, etc)

Look at the list above.

Choose one of them and then choose an activity falls within that category that you could do right now.

Create a specific, actionable plan to pursue that activity. 

Step #2: Set the Diffuser. Then challenge yourself to immediately follow your plan and stay with it for 20 min. 

Begin diffusing the Bored Blend and then get straight to carrying out your plan!

Keep going with it for at least 20 minutes. 

And anytime you want to quit before 20 minutes is over, take in a quick, deep breath of the blend and keep going!

With proper focus, twenty minutes should be enough time for your nose, body, and mind to adjust, making it easier for you to keep going without as much difficulty. 

And if you regularly pair this blend with your chosen anti-boredom activities, you will get better and better at channeling your boredom into healthy action!

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