Better Rest with Essential Oils

There’s nothing more frustrating than a restless night. You’re tossing and turning, counting sheep, trying to calm your mind – but nothing seems to work! We’ve been there. Whether you can’t stop thinking about the 287 items on your to-do list, or if your little one keeps climbing into your bed every night, we think everyone could use some help with one of the critical components to a healthy lifestyle. Getting a healthy amount of sleep is crucial to overall wellness for both body and mind – thankfully, that’s where essential oils come in! If you aren’t already stocked up on lavender oil, this post just might convince you.

We want to help you not only learn which oils are best for promoting much-needed rest, but we also want to show you how to use each oil most effectively. Read on for tips to achieve better rest with essential oils!

Five Essential Oils for Better Rest

pajamas rest with essential oils1. Lavender: It’s not shocking that lavender oil makes the top of this list. Lavender’s flowery scent sweeps you away and makes you feel like you’re falling asleep on a bed of, well…flowers. Sounds peaceful, right?

2. Vetiver: This oil has a rich, earthy aroma leading back to its roots (literally). Because this oil is extracted from the roots of the vetiver plant, the smell is unique and quite calming. This grounding oil can promote a more restful sleep.

3. Roman Chamomile: This oil earned its name because of its popularity in Ancient Rome. From soldiers to babies, many Romans found comfort in the flowery scent of Roman Chamomile oil. It is one of the best oils to calm your kiddos after a crazy day.

4. Ylang Ylang: This uplifting oil has been around for ages, showing up in everything from wedding celebrations to religious ceremonies. Its flowery scent manages to bring positive energy and relaxation. Who doesn’t want to feel a bit more positive while falling asleep each night? It’s has a delightful scent, even if its name is a bit hard to pronounce.

5. Cedarwood: Here at the office, we love the natural, earthy scent of cedarwood. It brings all the joys and smells of the outdoors, but you can enjoy it from the comfort of your warm bed! Mother Nature knows how to promote balance and relaxation, that’s for sure.

How to Use Oils for Better Rest

Better rest with essential oils

1. Diffuse: Diffusing allows you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils as you drift off to sleep. Also, if your kiddos share a room, diffusing is a great way to fill a space with calming aromas, spreading that oily love to everyone.

2. Massage: Rubbing oils onto your neck and shoulders is a relaxing bedtime routine for those of us who carry a lot of stress in our bodies. The act of massaging can release those negative feelings and let the positive energy of the oil send you to a more relaxing mindset. These benefits are even better when you have a partner to help out! Always use a carrier oil like coconut oil when putting essential oils on your skin, this will lessen the chance of skin irritation.

3. Ingest: If you have oils that are safe for internal use, mixing a drop or two into your tea or water before bed can be a great way to settle down for the night. If you have questions about which oils are safe for internal consumption, please consult your doctor or medical professional.

4. Spritz: If you don’t already have a spray bottle to use for your essential oils, you need one! Spritzing your sheets and pillows with essential oils mixed with water keeps them smelling fresh, so you have the benefits all night long.

5. Rub: Simply rubbing your favorite oil on the soles of your feet or on your temples will create a relaxing nighttime routine. Forming a nightly habit with essential oils will help your body realize when it’s time to start settling down for the night. Again, use a carrier oil like coconut oil to ensure you don’t experience skin irritation.

No matter the reason sleep eludes you, we could all use a little help preparing our mind and body for rest. If you already have a nightly routine that helps you get better rest with essential oils, please share it with us! We appreciate hearing how essential oils have improved your overall wellness. Last but not least, now that you know how to get better rest with essential oils, check out this other blog post on why you need a morning routine!

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