Adrenal Love  – Topical Solution


Your adrenal glands play a crucial role in your health, daily energy levels, blood sugar, immunity, and much more! Mix up and regularly apply this topical solution to support your adrenal glands!


¼ cup of carrier oil

15 drops Rosemary oil

2-5 drops Thyme oil

3-7 drops Cinnamon oil

6 drops Manuka oil (optional)

Mix your essential oils in with your carrier oil. And keep the solution in a sealed container that is easy to dispense from. 

How to Use Adrenal Love

Apply to your lower back and/or abdomen. Massage gently into the skin while taking deep, mindful breaths. 

Ideal times to apply include: 

  • As part of your wake up- or bedtime-routine. 
  • During any particular “recovery” or “transition” times of day. 
  • For ladies, in the days just before menstruation, on the last day of menstruation, or the days just before ovulation. 

Where does this recipe come from? 

This recipe was inspired by Jodi Cohen’s excellent book “Essential Oils to Boost the Brain & Heal the Body”. 

Additional Information

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