7 Essential Oils for Topical Pain Relief

We all get them. There’s no place you can run or hide where they won’t find you. No, we’re not talking about door-to-door salesmen here; we’re talking about the ever so common, ever so annoying, body aches and pains. Whether it’s muscular, joint, temporary or chronic pain, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to help naturally ease those pesky aches and pains.

No matter your age, your body is working hard for you, some days harder than others. Muscle pain, swelling, and inflammation are bound to happen. So we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite essential oils to help soothe and ease those pains away and get you feeling back to normal in no time!


Peppermint not only produces a refreshing and invigorating aroma but when applied topically, it creates a cooling and tingling sensation to the skin. The natural cooling properties help act as a numbing agent to soothe muscle aches and pains. Mix this oil to your favorite carrier oil, and gently massage directly on the bothersome muscle or joint. Once applied to the skin, this oil penetrates quickly, leaving your skin feeling as cool as a cucumber. The fresh, tingling effect happens almost instantly, which gives your body the pain relief it needs minus the wait.  Add some peppermint oil next time you get a massage, and your body will thank you!

  1. MYRRH

Myrrh has been used for centuries both for its internal and external health benefits. Not only does it aid in the appearance of young, healthy looking skin, but this oil also has some serious cleansing properties. Myrrh is often times used as a health aid, especially for throat and mouth cleanliness. Perhaps one of the most well-known uses for Myrrh dates back to ancient religious and ceremonial embalming and burials. However, this oil is just as useful now as it was back then. It sharpens the senses and awakens the mind. It also promotes a feeling of safety in the world, healthy attachments, trust, connection, and eliminates fear. It’s no wonder its uses have been so prevalent and widespread for thousands of years.


Marjoram oil is well known for its ability to help support and promote a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system. The nervous system is an intricate part of our body and plays a big role in recovery. When the body perceives stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol. High amounts of cortisol affect heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and muscle recovery. Marjoram has natural calming properties that can help put your body back in a relaxed state, relieve muscle tension and inflammation, and aid in recovery. It also promotes trust, connection, close relationships, love, safety, warmth, and openness. So while this amazing oil can help relieve pain, it’s also helping you feel like you’re getting your life back on track in all aspects. A definite win-win!


Juniper has similar properties to marjoram. It promotes a relaxing environment and relieves feelings of emotional and mental stress. When your body is relaxed and free of additional stress, your body can shift more energy to focus on pain alleviation and recovery. The natural calming properties help to inspire courage, self-awareness, and integration.  


Not only can you whip up some mean dishes in the kitchen with this amazing herb, but it works wonders with your body as well. With its refreshing scent, coriander has natural uplifting, clarifying, and invigorating properties. It helps alleviate stress, promotes relief, and supports sustained energy levels. Coriander oil is often used to aid individuals in maintaining personal boundaries and authenticity, processing life events, and improving courage. So if your mind needs a little TLC as well as your body, make sure to have some coriander oil ready to go!


Wintergreen has one of the most invigorating and intoxicating aromas around. Its natural clean and refreshing scent pierces your senses enabling relaxation, the surrender of emotions, fears, and temporarily allowing you to forget troubles and worries. This mesmerizing oil helps transports you to a calming state of mind, encouraging trust, control, and balance within. One of the natural ingredients found in wintergreen is methyl salicylate, which helps create a warm, soothing effect when applied to the skin. This oil is a must-have for soothing massages and muscle relaxation.

  1. BIRCH

Along with Wintergreen, Birch is the only plant in the world that naturally contains methyl salicylate. Which is why birch has been used for many years in massage oils. With its relaxing and soothing agents, this oil enhances massages and helps relieve muscle tension. Birch oil also supports and promotes resolution, strength, balance, and connection. You can also add a couple drops to your diffuser to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.


Adding essential oils to your bath can be a relaxing, refreshing, and utterly peaceful experience. These oils can be added to your bath water to increase muscle relaxation, relieve pain and soreness, and calm both body and mind. Add a couple of drops of your favorite oils along with some citrus or lavender oils, to create a luxurious natural muscle-relaxing bath. TIPS: oils do not dissolve in the water, so a few drops (2-3) go a long way! It’s always best to test oils on a small area of your skin first to see how your skin reacts to each oil before adding them to your bath. Also, you may consider adding a skin-contact safe emulsifying agent such as Polysorbate 80. 

One of the greatest benefits to using essential oils is their versatility. Oils are often used to create aromatherapy, support emotional health, and even spice things up a bit in the culinary arts! So next time you’re in the market for some new essential oils, add these to the top of your list and your money will go a long way!

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