Young Living Wheel Update: Everything to Know!


Noticed anything different about your scans lately?

The emotions and body systems wheels in your reports have had a makeover! 

We’re SO excited to bring this exciting, refined, and updated version of the iTOVi report to you! And we’re eager to show you what we’ve changed, why we’ve changed it, and show you all the added value that you can now get out of your personalized iTOVi Scan Reports!

So, pull up a recent scan report and get ready to meet the new Young Living iTOVi Scan Report!

NOTE: In order to see this change please update your app to the latest version AND log out and back in.

Why the Change? 

There were three reasons behind this update to the Young Living Scan Report. 

First, Young Living has released A LOT of new products over the last couple of years. We wanted to update our scanning system and reports so that all our wonderful Young Living customers can scan for all the products currently available through Young Living.

And we wanted to be thorough about it. In addition to uploading the unique frequencies of these products to the scanning system, we also went through and studied each product in turn to identify which body system category or emotions category it would best fit into.

But this led us to our second reason—not all the new products found an ideal match in our existing body system or emotion categories! 

We didn’t want to put these products into categories that they didn’t fit into—categories that didn’t accurately represent their benefits—so we created some new categories (details below) to house them and to help our customers get the most value out of these products for their personalized wellness plans!

Thirdly, as we reviewed the old scan report format, we found that—while most of the products were well-placed into categories with their closest “cousins” (that is, products with similar benefits to them)—some of the names of our emotional categories were confusing our customers (more details below)!

So, we teamed up with some of the best minds in the essential oil business to rename and reorganize our emotional categories so our customers can get better insights into their emotional state through their scans and choose the BEST options for their emotional support. 

What’s Changed? 

New Body System Category 

The Endocrine System—Young Living has put out some great products, like CortiStop, FemiGen, and PD 80/20, specifically designed to support the endocrine system (the healthy production and regulation of hormones in the human body). 

With this new category in your reports, you can use your iTOVi Scanner to find the BEST Young Living products to support your endocrine system! (Learn more about the endocrine system and how to support it here.)

New Emotional Categories

Inspiration—There is a unique range of essential oils with especially high vibrations that also have a long history of use in global spiritual practices. We created the Inspiration category to help our Young Living customers find the BEST essential oils to accompany them in their chosen spiritual pursuits. 

Aware—Certain oils are ideal for opening the mind and heart. Together, these oils may be said to represent an important step on the “vibrational ladder” of emotions—that point when our most basic emotional needs have been met and we are ready to begin living with more of a growth mindset: engaging our humility, curiosity, and our desire to more fully understand and manage our emotions.

Renamed Emotional Categories


Passion means many things. However, as we asked around, we found that most of our customers thought primarily of sexual passion when they looked at this category!

And that was far too narrow an interpretation!

We changed this category to Empowerment to help our customers know that they can use the essential oil products in this category to stir and express their passion for many areas in their lives—to help them dream their most ambitious dreams and go after them in their careers, relationships, in their common daily pursuits, and more!


Balance is something we all seek to maintain in our lives, something we all strive for no matter what emotional level we are currently residing at. Balance is, in this case, too broad a category! 

The products in this category are higher-vibration oils that experts associate with grounding, self-attunement, reconciliation, and a certain amount of emotional and spiritual rest and relaxation. So, we changed the name of this category to “Peace”. 


When the foundations of our emotional survival are threatened, when our root chakra is thrown out of balance, we plunge into some of our worst states of distress, anxiousness, and worry. In such situations, our adrenaline naturally spikes as our body attempts to devote all its available energy toward self-preservation. 

In these situations, we certainly need courage. But what we’re really seeking and working towards is safety and security. So, for the oils known to support root chakra and help us through our most anxious times, we’ve decided to call this category Secure


When we’re feeling sad, wounded, overwhelmed, or numb, we feel like we could really use some hope. But hope bounces right off of us if we are not ready to receive it! What we often need, in order to be able to have and maintain hope, is a certain degree of recovery, of restoration, comfort, and consolation. 

When we’ve processed and healed enough from our pain, hope will come flowing naturally to us! So, to focus on the journey of recovery that the oils in this category support, we’ve renamed this category Console

Focus→Energetic and Clarity

As many of us have experienced, “focus” isn’t always easy! It’s not always just a matter of gritting our teeth and putting our mental blinders on! 

So, to make the oils in this category easier to use and bring about better emotional results, we’ve separated them into two new categories: Energetic and Clarity. 

The first category, Energetic, focuses on our ability to feel energetic and direct our energy. The second category, Clarity, has more to do with how we deal with mental and emotional blocks that may be holding us back from increasing our understanding. 


Life is full of things—elements, events, experiences, and people—that we cannot control (or, in some cases, can only partially control). Emotional health requires that we somehow learn to navigate these uncertainties, to wisely choose how we will manage these “uncontrollable” factors and relationships in life. 

“Surrendering” is the ability to let go, to actively permit certain feelings to pass over us and then pass away, trusting that the world won’t be too hard and, if it is, trusting in our own ability to recover and ultimately learn from the experience. This active choice of vulnerability—the yielding, passive half of vulnerability—is important! But it is still only half of the equation! 

Emotional health, balance, and growth require that we, sometimes, ALSO be able to engage with the more active side of vulnerability—the vulnerability it takes to intrepidly initiate, try new things, make invitations, and sometimes push back and draw boundaries—trusting ourselves to responsibly go after what we want AND trusting that the uncontrollable (other people, fate, or the Divine) will meet us halfway in our efforts (respond to our invitations, respect our boundaries, etc).

So, to capture the larger picture of managing our relationships with the “uncontrollable elements” of life, we have renamed this category “Trust”. 


This category is filled with essential oils ideal for nourishing the heart chakra and the emotions we associate with “love”! And while forgiveness is a crucial element in our ability to have and maintain loving relationships—it is certainly not the only element needed! (Also, the word “forgive” often carries heavy, painful connotations and these oils are quite high in vibration—usually indicating and connecting to a more-postive-than-average emotional state!)

It takes all kinds of emotional work and emotional skills for us to have, nurture, and develop positive, loving relationships in our lives!

So, to help our iTOVi Members best use these oils, adapting their use of them and their emotional-work choices to suit their current relationship needs, we decided to broaden this category to “Love”. 

Final Note on Emotional Wellness with iTOVi

As ever, with all of these categories, we encourage our members to seek more specific, in-depth insight into their own feelings and emotional needs by studying and comparing the specific profiles of the oils they scan for with their own thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior. 

Look for patterns in your scan reports and how they correlate with your emotional state and you’ll soon be developing and thriving under a deeper level of personal emotional awareness!

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