Top 10 Oils to Boost Immunity

Summer cold got you down? Should that even be such a thing anyway, a cold, in the summer? But we all know they can strike at any time and any season. So if you’re one of the less fortunate ones who drew the short straw this summer season, lucky for you, your cold won’t last much longer. These 10 amazing essential oils will help naturally support immune health, which means a speedy recovery for you and sayonara for your cold!

Maybe you don’t have any sickness and just want to build up your immunity to stay ahead of the curve. That’s great too! One of the best ways you can do that is by using your iTOVi scanner regularly. Keeping track of your body’s daily needs with our scanner has never been easier! Scan your body, get your personalized results, and start listening to what your body is telling you it could use a little extra boost of! If you don’t have a scanner yet or waiting for it to arrive, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered until then. We’ve listed some of our favorite oils to help boost your immune system and get your body in tip-top shape! 


Perhaps one of the most commonly used oils to clean and detox is Lemon. We hear all the time about all the different diets and their versions of lemon detox drinks; well, they’re definitely on to something. Lemon is well known for it’s clarifying, purifying, and cleansing properties. Which is why it’s commonly found in thousands of household cleaners. Not only does this oil offer a refreshing citrus aroma when used aromatically, but it also helps purify, naturally detoxes, and rids the body of harmful toxins, as well as suppresses appetites. So, to sum it up, lemon oil smells good, tastes good, and it even does the body good too!


Another oil well known for its purifying and clarifying properties is Peppermint. This oil is often used to help aid digestion and support a healthy immune system. It awakens the sense and clarifies the mind. Peppermint also has cooling properties that help relax and soothe muscle tension and pain. With a more relaxed body and mind, your stress levels decrease as well, resulting in an overall healthier physical state. This oil is a definite must-have when it comes to enhancing health and wellness.


The use of Ginger is so versatile and widespread; people should buy stock in it! This fantastic oil helps support healthy digestion and even helps with symptoms of nausea or upset stomach. So next time you have an upset stomach, or some mild nausea put a couple drops of ginger essential oil in your favorite drink!


Spikenard may be a little less well known than its fellow oils, lemon, peppermint, and ginger, but don’t let its “under the radar” presence fool you into thinking its health benefits are any less impactful. This oil should not be overlooked. Some of its many benefits are that it stimulates the immune system and digestive system by relaxing both body and mind. It can also promote hair growth and acts as an antioxidant to help fight against free radicals. Spikenard has also been used since biblical times, as a form of medicine for both inside and outside of the body. It’s been used to help treat skin and fight against infections and funguses, especially on the feet and toenails. This is one powerful oil!

Frankincense, Myrrh, Tea Tree

Similarly to Spikenard, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Tea Tree oil have been used for ages to boost immunity, support hormone health, promote healthy skin and nails, and also assist the body in fighting against infections and funguses. Tea Tree also packs a mean punch in the fight against the dreaded dandruff battle. Just add several drops of tea tree oil in your favorite shampoo and gently massage into roots and voila! No more flaky hair!

Star Anise

Star Anise oil promotes relaxation and the release of tension within the body. It also helps stimulate blood circulation and digestion. Helping to support a more natural functioning body. As if we need more than that, star anise is also commonly used as a cleansing agent, both on the body and other surfaces as well. So it’s great to use to help clean cuts, scrapes or scratches. Make sure to keep a bottle of this magic oil in your first-aid kit!

Rich in antioxidants, Oregano and Thyme provide the body with numerous health benefits to support a robust immune system. These two oils may not be obvious choices for massage oils, but they actually can provide a great deal of support to your body when applied topically. With their calming, refreshing, and mentally stimulating properties, your body enters into a more relaxed state, allowing it to function in a more natural and stress-free way.

So, make sure to put this list in safekeeping, along with your customized results from your iTOVi scanner, because knowledge is power! With that knowledge, you’ll not only be able to boost immunity when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, but you can start strengthening your immune system daily. So you’ll be ready to take on any sickness that dares to come your way!

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