Scanning Horses: An Equestrian Guest Blog

We were lucky enough to have one of users write up a guest blog post talking about how she uses the iTOVi scanner for her horses. Thank you so much, Amanda!

My whole life revolves around horses. Since I was born, I have always had one or many of these amazing creatures in my life. Looking back all these years, I only wish I had access to an iTOVi scanner for many of my top four-legged athletes. I feel like if horses could talk, they would have told us so many of these issues that iTOVi is telling us. So, I would love to share what we have been working on with this little magic wand and my horse.

My passion is bringing a horse into my barn that needs a little TLC (tender loving care). Whether they have had a severe injury, inadequate training, or just bad luck, I absolutely love to get down to the inner workings of each horse and try to bring them back up to where they belong. I have been doing this for over 20 years, and lately, with the help of my friend and her iTOVi scanner, we have been able to deal with some underlying emotional and physical issues.

Chester the Chestnut: Our first experiment.

It was something, some vibe, telling me I needed this horse. I am not sure bidding on an online auction for a horse you have never seen, from owners you know nothing about, is the best idea I have come up with. But nothing was going to stop me from purchasing this beautiful, big-eyed chestnut boy. I did know he needed to be rehabilitated from a soft tissue injury. What I did not realize was a plethora of emotional baggage I was going to have to work with.

Chester is a beautiful jumper and an absolute dream to ride……except for the fact he is scared of everything and has a lot of anxiety! Lucky for me, he is not afraid of jumping. In fact, when we are jumping is the only time Chester is genuinely at peace and happy. Otherwise, he is very spooky and jumps at almost any noise. So, not only do we have an emotional issue, he tends to injure himself in the process of spooking. 

Anyways, my friend and client Ash asked if she could read one of my horses with her iTOVi scanner. 

“I have the perfect horse for you to try!” I told her. 

Being a little skeptical, I believed it really was not going to tell me much, and this was going to be a fun experiment. Well, my eyes are still wide open from the results! I know my boy very well, and I couldn’t believe that the iTOVi report was showing me the very same issues I treat.


Black Pepper: Has both physical and mentally stimulating properties. It releases repressed emotions and promotes emotional balance. I have been diluting it in a spray bottle with other oils and using it as a liniment.

Oil Blend for Massage: To create a relaxing and soothing environment. Lavender helps clear the body of toxins. I dilute lavender and marjoram in a bucket for his post ride bath. I also let him smell the lavender as well as rub it on his halter to soothe him. Sometimes in the afternoon when all is quiet, I spend some time with him and rub some on his poll. He loves this attention and really relaxes. Great bonding time!

An Omega Blend: This combo may support his joints, immune health, and overall wellness. I am adding this supplement to his grain.

Antioxidant Blend: This combination of ginger, frankincense, and turmeric may help with the swelling of joints and muscles. I dilute this with alcohol and water and spray it on his legs. It can also be put in his bathing bucket. I am hoping this will help keep Chester feeling young and spry!

Detox Blend: We use this blend to support all of Chester’s organs, especially his liver and kidneys. This also helps with ulcers. I dilute 10 drops of fennel, peppermint, ginger, and coriander in a spray bottle with distilled water and spray it on his body near the organ’s location. You can also put it in the feed.

Myrrh: Traditionally, myrrh has been used to soothe pain and inflammation as well sprains, abrasions, and also to support digestion. I include this with Chester’s liniment concoction.

Lemongrass: We use it to support connective tissue and ligaments, improve circulation, and help with inflammation. I am using 6 drops twice a day included in his liniment. 

Lemon: Has many uses, but we are using it on Chester to help with hypertension, digestive issues, and stress. I am putting drops in his water bucket.

We have been working on Chester with this combination for about a week now. In about a month, we will re-scan him to see if his scan results are different.

It is so exciting for me to be able to have another tool to try to help out our babies who cannot speak. Sometimes traditional medicine only solves part of the problem.

I am really enjoying learning how nature can help our horses! And of course, people too! Don’t think we did not use this fantastic tool on ourselves, but that is a whole different blog post.

So, the journey continues for Chester. We are going to start working on another mare I have shortly. Again, she’s recovered from a significant injury, and we are looking for alternative methods to make her feel like a million bucks!

To be continued……

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