Fall Coronation Blend

Scarcity is crafty. Scarcity-driven thoughts and attitudes tend to sneak into our lives without us noticing! Use this blend and exercise to practice identifying and transforming your scarcity-driven thoughts into abundance-mentality actions that will bring you a great harvest!

Channel Your Stress – Essential Oil Blend

The Channel Your Stress blend is designed to help you healthily subliminate and prepare your mind and body for healthy emotional processing.

iTOVi Kitchen: French Toast with Apple Cranberry Sauce

If you have family members who haven’t fallen in love with essential oils yet, just wait until they try these classics with an oily twist!

5 Fall Spices for Your Health

Whether you use these Fall spices in cookies, hot ciders, teas, soups, potpourris, or placed in a dish for a table centerpiece, you will feel like you’re truly embracing Fall. Besides the delightful aroma, these Fall spices provide considerable health benefits.