Respiratory Salve


Been waking up with a tickly or sore throat? Got respiratory issues that just keep coming back? Not breathing as freely as you’d like? 

Try a respiratory salve!

It’s a simple recipe for giving extra support to your respiratory system! Make it at home, apply when you like, and enjoy the free air!


2 oz/4 tablespoons of your choice of carrier oil 

12 drops of Eucalyptus oil

6 drops Rosemary oil

6 drops Tea Tree oil

How to make and use your homemade respiratory salve: 

  • Combine your carrier oil and essential oils. Mix well. 
  • Place your solution in a small, sealable container (preferably a squeeze-type bottle for easy dispensing. 
  • When you wish to apply your solution, squeeze a small amount into your hand and massage over the skin of your throat, neck, and upper chest. 
  • Note that In the morning is a particularly good time to use this salve. Combine it with some deep-breathing exercises to open up your airways for the day!
  • When not in use, store in a cool space away from children. Use within 6 months. 

Want to learn more about taking care of your respiratory health? 

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