The iTOVi Nutrition Guide: Part 6: Supplements & Nutritional Support from iTOVi


Supplements are a staple of the wellness community. They can be an incredible support for your nutritional wellness. And it’s pretty cool to get personalized supplement recommendations from your own body via an iTOVi Scan or iTOVI DNA Reports! 

But to use nutritional supplements successfully—there are a few rules you should know about. 

Rule #1 Understand the Limitations

Overusing OR misusing your supplements is a surefire way to sabotage their potential benefits and damage your own wellness. 

Every supplement has rules. And it is your job to learn the rules for a supplement before introducing it into your life. 

Rule #1a – Know how much of your chosen supplement(s) it is safe to take in a 24-hour period. Overdosing on supplements is possible and can be quite dangerous. Follow all safety guidelines and, if you are on any medications, be sure to check with your doctor before starting to take a supplement. 

Rule #1b – Clearly understand that supplements are meant to supplementthat is, supportyour diet. They do NOT and cannot replace a healthy diet OR make up for a poor one. Eat real meals. And then add on supplements as needed. A balanced food diet should be your first priority. See parts 2 & 3 of this nutrition guide for help. 

Rule #1c – Know how/when to take your supplements. Some supplements need to be digested with fat or water to be absorbed fully. Others are best taken in the morning or at night. Sometimes it all depends on your purpose for taking it (see next section). 

Remember, there is little point in taking a supplement that your body is not going to absorb and benefit from. Do your homework so you can get the most out of your supplements!

Rule #2 Know the Purpose 

Different supplements provide different benefits. And your intent, your purpose, for using a particular supplement may vary. There are basically three categories: 

  • #1: Supplements used cover possible nutrition gaps: This is how multivitamins are usually used. You may get more specific though, for example, taking a calcium supplement because you know that you are prone towards calcium deficiencies or taking magnesium during your luteal phase, etc. 
  • #2: Supplements used to combat or prevent specific wellness symptoms: Know what you are trying to address. It might be low energy, high blood pressure, anxiety, dull skin, headaches, low libido, the streak of Alzheimers in your family, etc. and then choose your supplements accordingly. Take them diligently for best results (see Rule #3). 
  • #3: Supplements used to support your health habits/bring about specific advantages: Maybe you want to support your sleep, your exercise performance, exercise recovery, daily digestion, or some other basic health habit. Or maybe you’d just like to have extra brain power in the mornings, even healthier skin and hair, etc. Knowing what you want to accomplish/what health habits you want to support will influence which supplements you take and when it is best to take them (i.e. taking melatonin in the morning won’t help you sleep at night!)

Whatever your purpose, know it! Own it! Choose supplements that match with your purpose and learn when the best time is to take them. 

Knowing what you are trying to accomplish will also help you keep an eye out for the results.! Over time, take note—are you getting the lessened headaches, better sleep, higher libido, better skin, or other result you were looking for? 

If so, hooray! Your supplements are helping! 

If not, it might be time to try another kind of supplement, consider interfering lifestyle factors, or do more research!

Rule #3 Be Diligent & A Little Patient

Now, don’t give up on your supplements after just a few days! Some supplements start showing their effects within 5 days. Others can take a few weeks! So be diligent—try not to miss a single day. 

Your body is adjusting to your new supplement intake, learning how to digest and use these supplements, and working through a process (sometimes a lengthy one) to bring you the benefits you desire! So be patient for a bit!

For example: Some women take magnesium supplements (either every day or just during the luteal phase) to help reduce period cramps. Depending on the woman, she may see results as soon as her next period (ah! Blessed relief!), she may have to diligently supplement and wait for a few period cycles to see results (finally! No cramps!), or magnesium may not be the solution for her. The only way to know for sure is to stick it out for a few months. 

How Can iTOVi Help?

The iTOVi Scanner

It’s not just oils! The iTOVi Scanner can also scan you for any supplements that your company offers. So you can get supplement suggestions from your very own body!

We recommend paying particular attention to any supplements that come up repeatedly in the first page of your scan reports (the page that shows you your top-response products). If a supplement shows up repeatedly on this page, it is a good sign that you could benefit from taking this supplement! 


Did you know that you are uniquely prone/susceptible to some nutrient deficiencies more than others? It’s true! Your basic makeup—your DNA—sets up your body, making it easier or harder for your body to absorb and utilize certain nutrients! 

But which nutrients? Nutrient deficiencies can be a serious problem, especially if you don’t know which nutrients your body is routinely missing out on. But now, thanks to modern technology and laboratories, we can read your DNA to let you know which micronutrients you should pay attention to in your diet!

iTOVi DNA allows you to send in a simple DNA saliva sample to one of our partner labs and then we send you a report, showing you the different nutrient deficiencies, long-term health issues, exercise forms, and more that your DNA sets you up for. Buy your personalized DNA Kit today so you can supplement smart for your body!


There’s an awful lot to know about nutrition. But it’s worth learning—because your nutrition is an undoubted cornerstone of your daily, seasonal, and lifetime wellness!

And it’s certainly easier to develop the wisdom, organization, restraint, and food sensibility needed when you have good support around you! We hope you will draw support from this nutrition guide, from the iTOVi Community, and from the loved ones you share your meal times with! 

If there’s anything else you’d like to see the iTOVi Blog cover, feel free to reach out to us on our social media pages! We love the feedback! And in the meantime…bon appetite!

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