How Often Should I Scan?


Let’s be clear from the start—you can scan as often as you would like. The iTOVi Scanner is 100% safe for however many scans you wish to do. 

How often you should scan depends on what you want to accomplish with your scanner. 

Follow us as we recap:

1) the nature of GSR and what that means for your relationship with your scan reports

2) the top four ways you can go about scanning yourself

3) ideas on when you should scan your clients 

The nature of GSR & your relationship with your scan reports. 

Simply put, the iTOVi Scanner uses GSR technology to monitor the minuscule, moment-to-moment changes in your skin to produce personalized scan reports that reflect the wellness goings-on in your body.  

These changes in your skin are significant because your skin is closely linked to the actions of your thermo-regulation, immune, limbic (emotional), somatic nervous, and autonomic nervous systems.

Basically, your skin has an ear to the ground when it comes to what is going on with your body!

And, just about as quickly as your body can change (hormones, heart rate, stress level, medications, etc), the GSR readings of your skin change as well. 

This means that the iTOVi Scanner, working off of GSR data, captures a snapshot of your body and its responsiveness to essential oil products. And a snapshot can be useful— especially if you’re just looking to just briefly check in with your body and see what it may be up to right now

But you can get even more valuable insight into your wellness (and value out of your scanner) with a series of snapshots—revealing patterns, trends, repeat products, and repeated body- and emotion wheel dynamics in your scan reports. 

The Top 4 Ways to Scan Yourself

The bottom line is: it’s your scanner and your wellness. So you decide how often you want to scan. 

But here are the top-recommended methods: 

Method 1: The Weekly-Check In

We recommend that everyone who owns an iTOVi Scanner scan themselves at least once a week. 

It’s good to check in with ourselves, our bodies, and our emotions, and it’s even better to have an especially set-apart time of the week in which to do so. 

Try to make it an experience: run an iTOVi scan, look through your scan report, think about your last week’s wellness, what you have coming up this week, and decide how you might use scan results in supporting your wellness over the next seven days. 

This is a good approach for those who are busy or otherwise can’t afford to be focusing on their wellness right now. Use a weekly scan to help you stay a little more in tune with your body and find some of the best products to support you!

Method 2: Casual Daily Diffuser

If you are someone who diffuses essential oils every day and want to optimize your diffusing to benefit your body—this method may be for you.

Just scan yourself once a day (the earlier in the day the better) and get some great, personalized ideas on what scents to enjoy as you go about your day! Check out our blog advice on how to diffuse essential oil blends effectively and how to do so safely

Method 3: Wellness Investigation 

For those prepared to carry their iTOVi Scanner (and possibly their oils too) with them on the go (hey, we got lanyards and cases for that!), the Wellness Investigation Method can be powerful!

Basically, whenever you notice a shift in your wellness, emotionally or physically, (anxious emotions rising, mid-afternoon brain fog, after-dinner tummy troubles), scan yourself and see what comes up! 

Not only will you get some great ideas from your scan report for what oils to apply, but if you pay attention, you may begin to notice that X oil always comes up in X situation. Over time, you’ll find yourself walking around with more and more self-knowledge and your best solutions on hand for any wellness obstacle in your day!

Method 4: Wellness Tracking

If you’re hardcore about your wellness—looking to become more attuned to your body and assemble your best collection of products—this is the scanning method for you! 

The Wellness Tracking Method involves picking a time of day (i.e. right after your morning exercises, just after lunch, at 4:30 p.m., etc.) and regularly scanning yourself at that time of day. (Note that this method can be combined with the Casual Daily Diffuser Method). 

After racking up 10 or more scan reports, you are ready to start looking through them, comparing and contrasting, to see what stays constant among the products, emotional categories, and physical categories in your reports and what shows up only transiently. 

This method takes time, diligence, and maybe even some note-taking, but the results will be fascinating, illuminating, and absolutely game-changing for your wellness. Use your findings to guide your personal wellness efforts and live your very best life!

(Note that, when taking natural supplements, it is widely held that it takes the body 3-6 weeks to adjust to it and show results. Keep this timeline in mind as you track your wellness using essential oil products.)

When (and How) Should I Scan My Clients?

The iTOVi Scanner can help you make the most of all kinds of client interactions! 

  1. Consider Giving An Introductory Scan to ALL your Clients

Offering someone a free scan is a great way to introduce someone to essential oils. And, because a personalized iTOVi Scan report centers the conversation on the scan recipient and their wellness, it can be a great introduction to your business as well!

To learn how to give your clients a great experience when you perform an introductory scan, check out the great advice shared by iTOVi business builders in our free pdf: 10 Ways to Build Your Business with the iTOVi Scanner. 

     2. Use Scans to Follow-Up with Potential Clients

The lifeblood of your business growth and success is found in well-organized, well-timed, and well-executed follow ups.

And the iTOVi Scanner is an awesome follow-up tool! Your follow-up strategy should definitely include a free iTOVi Scan at some point—but you can also use the information from a client’s scan report to customize your later follow ups with them: 

  • Try sending them information on one of the top products in their scan report
  • Share a sample of one of their top products
  • Follow up with them about a body system or emotional category that caught their eye. 
  • And more!

To master the art of the follow up, check out our free PDF: Best Practices, Scripts, & Tips for Effective Follow Up  

    3. Use Scans in Wellness Consultations & in Wellness Plan Follow-Ups

What better way to personalize a wellness plan than with the help of a personalized wellness scan? 

For a client who isn’t sure where to start with their wellness plan (i.e. on immune health, feelings of social anxiety, sleep, etc) the iTOVi Scan can be a great help in providing them and you with some great starting point ideas! 

And for clients who DO know what they want out of their wellness plan, an iTOVi Scan can help them optimize their product choices!

How often you follow up with your clients depends on how you like to run your business model. But we recommend checking in with them and giving them a new scan at least once a month! Though, if your client is willing, you may certainly scan them more often!

For more tips on how to use an iTOVi Scanner to create a great personalized wellness plan and a great wellness consultation experience we, again, recommend our free pdf: 10 Ways to Build Your Business with the iTOVi Scanner. 

    4. If your Clients want More Scans—Give them Your Referral Code!

For clients who really enjoy getting scanned and would love to be able to scan themselves (and possibly their family members or their own clients)—give them your referral code!

Feel free to teach them the top 4 personal-wellness scanning methods above and help them choose the best method for them! If they buy their own scanner, they can start exploring their wellness on a whole new level, you can get credit for the referral, and they can become a much more effective member of your business team as they use the scanner to build their business too!

Class Ideas:
  • Discuss the top 4 ways of scanning yourself and what it takes to be successful with each one. Have each class member choose a method to use over the next two weeks. 
  • Study 10 Ways to Build Your Business with the iTOVi Scanner together. Share takeaways and then practice scanning and wellness-consulting each other. 
  • Share someone’s scan report history of 10+ scans with the group (with their consent, of course, preserving their anonymity if they wish). You may choose to distribute copies of the scan reports in digital or printed form. Challenge the group to study the scan reports and find patterns, repeat products, trends, and outliers. Discuss together what they may mean and what you would recommend for that person’s wellness plan. Challenge your class members to do the same with their own scan report histories. 
  • Challenge each class member to scan themselves with Method #4 for a week or two and study their results for patterns. In class, discuss what they learned about themselves, their wellness, and what else using this method did for their relationship with their wellness over the week. 
  • Discuss ideas on how to do a weekly, check-in scan with kids. What are the best methods for getting kids to engage with the scan report, especially on the emotional side?

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