DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Summer projects, here we come!! Yessss, we’ve been waiting all year for these. 😍 Our first DIY project is a boho eucalyptus wall hanging. As many of you know from using the oil, eucalyptus has a fresh and energizing smell that can help keep you focused. This cute and functional accessory is a great addition to your home office.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started…

wall hanging

  • Fresh eucalyptus (you can buy this from your local florist)
  • Assorted yarn (find textures and colors that suit your space)
  • A stick (the size depends on how big you want your wall hanging to be)
  • Scissors & a hot glue gun or artist’s wire (for assembly)


  1. Tie one piece of yarn around both ends of the stick. This is how you’ll hang the piece once it’s finished.

wall hanging

2. Start cutting your pieces of yarn, relatively the same length. Don’t worry about making this perfect…it’s looks better with slightly uneven pieces!

3. Start tying the yarn pieces to the stick by folding each yarn strand in half, creating a loop at the end, and pulling the two end strands through the loop, making sure the stick is in the middle. Repeat this aaaaaall the way down the stick!

wall hanging wall hanging

4. Once the yarn is all set, start arranging your eucalyptus branches. Fasten them to the string by wrapping artist’s wire around each branch, or by using your hot glue gun to hold them in place.

wall hanging

5. Now that all of the string and branches are secure, your wall hanging is ready to hang!

Wall hanging

Ta-da! How easy is that?! This DIY project also makes a great gift for any upcoming summer birthdays. When you make this project, share your photo with us by tagging @iTOViscanner and using #itoviscanner in the post. We love seeing your creativity!

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