8 Helpful Oils for Seasonal Allergies

Allergies got the best of you? Does the idea of laying in a field of flowers with all that pollen make you want to cringe? Is your answer to the question, do you want to go hiking, the following response: “Sure, let me just grab my tissues, nasal spray, allergy pills, eye drops, and calamine lotion, and we’re good to go!” Although some people don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, there is still hope for those tissue-hoarding, allergy stricken friends of ours. And we’re here to answer the stress call of help!

Scanning yourself with iTOVi is one of our favorite ways of figuring out helpful oils to use after spending a lot of time outdoors. Getting an accurate scan of what oils your body is responding to most may help combat those pesky seasonal allergy symptoms.

Eat Local

There are several things you can implement or start doing more often that can help aid in the heroic battle to keep allergies at bay. Adding essential oils to your daily routine and eating local raw honey are great places to start. Not only will your allergies thank you, or not thank you, if they’re trying to stick around, but your body will thank you! When you eat local honey as opposed to nonlocal, the bees that produced the honey are in direct contact with flowers and plant life around you. The same flowers you will be exposing yourself whenever you leave the comfort of your own home. So adding local honey to your diet can help build immunity to the local allergens, through gradual exposure. Check your local farmer’s market for local raw organic honey.

Another way to combat outside allergens is to change your bed sheets often. Washing your skin thoroughly after being in contact with any potential allergens is also incredibly helpful. Doing these things helps to get rid of any allergens still lingering around, trying to wreak havoc on your sinuses.

A Few Helpful Oils

Here are a few more oils that can be added to your scan to help to get yourself feeling back to normal again:








Tea Tree

Adding a couple of drops of Lemon essential oil to your water can help do wonders for your digestion and also your head. The strong citrus aroma can induce alertness and awareness, which can help combat the groggy brain fog that almost always goes hand and hand with congestion. This oil also acts as a natural detoxer. Adding a couple of drops to your drink can help aid the body in flushing toxins or allergens out of its system.

More Powerful Than You Think…

Peppermint and Eucalyptus have powerful natural cooling properties. Slow inhalation of these oils creates a cooling sensation that may help bring you relief as you deal with congestion due to seasonal allergies.

Lavender is one of the most well known essential oils. Argumentatively because of its many uses. Lavender has calming and soothing properties. This herbal remedy can help aid in a more peaceful night’s sleep, which may be difficult to achieve when you’re suffering from allergies.

Tea Tree is another oil that has a very potent aroma, which is excellent for helping to get some relief with sinus congestion. Because of its natural healing properties, tea tree is a great way to soothe skin irritations or allergies.

Alfalfa, Catnip, and Chamomile essential oils are other optimal oils to add to your allergy relief list. These oils, along with those mentioned above, can help stimulate the immune system. They may also soothe and relax the skin, and invigorate and calm both mind and body. Sounds pretty amazing when compared to dealing with the dreaded allergy symptoms of runny noses, congestion, and watery eyes. I’ll take the oils, please!

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