How to Explain the iTOVi Scanner to Others

CHEAT SHEET: 5 Ways to Explain the iTOVi Scanner The iTOVi Scanner is a one-of-a-kind product. After all, its surprisingly compact design somehow manages to test and track individual biological responses to essential oils products. That’s pretty cool. And it’s almost hard not to wonder how technology like that can fit into such a small […]

Our 5 Favorite Summertime Blends

A new season means it’s time for some new essential oil blends! Whether you choose to diffuse or you relish the rollers, we highly recommend the following summertime combinations.

DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Our first DIY project is a boho eucalyptus wall hanging. As many of you know from using the oil, eucalyptus has a fresh and energizing smell that can help keep you focused. This cute and functional accessory is a great addition to your home office.