10 iTOVi Experiences

How Successful Members Have Learned to Affectively Use the iTOVi Scanner & App

Since iTOVi’s beginnings in 2016, we’ve heard some great stories from our customers on how they have used the iTOVi Scanner to improve their lives and their businesses! We knew they had some valuable advice to share, so we decided to put together a blog of case studies—so that others can learn from their success!

Before we jump into all those case-studies and articles, though, we wanted to address a simple question: How do people use the iTOVi Scanner for their business?

1. The iTOVi Scanner Is a Conversation Starter

The best way to learn about new products is through conversation with real, trusted individuals who have first-hand experience using those products. But sometimes we’re a little shy or just don’t know how to start the conversation around the products.

The iTOVi is a great way to introduce essential oils to people by starting conversations, enhancing conversations, and turning those conversations into something more.

2. The iTOVi Scan Report Can Help People Try Essential Oils For The First Time

What newcomers to essential oils often need is evidence—evidence that these natural products can really help support their wellness. The iTOVi Scanner helps people see, through a quantitative scientific measure, that their body can respond to essential oils and wellness products in meaningful ways.

From there, it is much easier for potential customers to try essential oils. As one of our wonderful case-study subjects said, “The oils sell themselves when people understand.”

3. The iTOVi App Is An Educational Tool

The iTOVi app includes access to many educational resources—company-sourced product descriptions and recipes from the iTOVi library—not to mention the wealth of learning that can come from the scan report.

With these tools, you and your clients can come to know these products better, so that you can use them and share them more effectively. What’s not to love?

4. The iTOVi Can Support Sales & Retention Efforts

Whether you’re onboarding new members or increasing sales for seasoned members, the iTOVi helps your business move forward by providing a service with your follow-up. Or, as Cornelia Mikolash, a featured case study, says, “It’s on you how much it affects your business.”

So, we encourage you to use the iTOVi Scanner as much as you can. Scan new members, scan old members, scan strangers, and scan yourself!

Why Case Studies?

The articles and case studies in this blog will help you take advantage of all of these iTOVi benefits.

The case studies come from real, successful, long-standing members of iTOVi, who provide great tips on how to most-effectively use the iTOVi Scanner and app.

Some of the case studies disagree with each other in small details (i.e. whether it is better to conduct scans in private or in groups), but each of them stand as an example of how they’ve found the iTOVi to be an effective tool in their business approach.

We warmly thank all those who were interviewed for this issue, and sincerely hope that our readers will enjoy learning how to use the iTOVi Scanner to its fullest potential!

1. Jessica Trepangier

Healing and Building with Hope

Key Takeaways:

  • Separate classes and wellness consultations.
  • Learn to recognize patterns and correlations in scan results.
  • Give clients space in which they can focus and even open up.
  • Practice by using the iTOVi to support your own wellness.

Jessica knows a thing or two about fear. A number of years ago, fear swooped into Jessica’s life, clouding her vision of the future. In these cases, it’s often difficult to see anything on the horizon except your own worst-case scenario unfolding before you.

That kind of fear can be paralyzing and difficult to overcome.

At the time, Jessica feared for herself and her daughter that they wouldn’t be able to overcome the trauma of the not-so-distant past.

She feared for her financial situation, as her career path had become fraught with obstacles and disappointments. She feared she was losing her chance to do what she really loved—connecting with people and truly helping them.

With fear infecting her view of the future, Jessica needed some hope. And, fortuitously, that was just when she was introduced to essential oils.

She started using the essential oils main- ly for herself and fell in love with ones that calmed her fear like a security blanket. Hoping the oils could take her further, Jessica tentatively continued to explore the essential oils community.

Before long she began to hear influencers talk more and more about the iTOVi Scanner,

something that helped people pick the best oils for themselves.

Since the oils were already bringing her comfort and the beginnings of hope, Jessica decided she wanted to give iTOVi a try—just for a month or two, to see if it could help.

With her very first scan, she was shocked to see how accurately the scan report reflected the emotional issues she was facing! Hope blossomed as Jessica realized

that the iTOVi and the oils combined could not only help her heal, but also her young daughter.

And after hope, came empowerment.

With the iTOVi, Jessica felt that she could fight back the lingering effects of trauma in her family. She felt that she could provide her children with the emotional and physical caretaking they needed.

After only a few short weeks with the iTOVi, Jessica had decided: “I have to make sure this thing pays for itself. I need this for my family.”

So, she got to work. She set up lunch dates and coffee dates with friends who might be open to scans. She carried her iTOVi with her everywhere, ready to scan anyone who might have a reason to want a scan.

Those who saw the healing in Jessica’s family wanted help for their own families. Many of those who opened up to Jessica about their own issues, emotional or physical, accepted the invitation to be scanned and try the oils.

Jessica’s first thought had been to get her own iTOVi paid off, but in a month she had hit Silver. In two months, she had hit Gold. And that was with simple one-on-one interactions. She hadn’t even started teaching classes yet.

Her fears about her family’s financial future abat- ed. Her fears of not being able to connect with and help people melted away.

With the return of hope and optimism, Jessica kept growing her business, and along the way she learned a few things about how best to use her iTOVi.

1. Separate Classes & Wellness Consultations

Rather than try to explain scan results in class, Jessica separates her wellness consultations and her classes, as the class environment can be too distracting. This way the client can get more out of their scan and Jessica can build a better relation- ship with the client.

She’s done enough scans now that she can recognize patterns—which oils usually show up with which issues. Confident in the correlations she has seen, she asks them generally about the issue the scan seems to indicate. Again and again, Jessica has seen her clients respond with relief that their issue is recognized and can be helped.

“People open up to me often,” Jessica says. “But the iTOVi helps pinpoint the specific need and they are able to expound upon it. Sometimes people aren’t even aware that their feelings are playing a part in their overall health, and a scan gives them the direction to address it.”

And the more iTOVi scans Jessica does, the more stories she has to share of education, service, and success.

2. Look For Repeating Elements In Scan Histories

Another one of Jessica’s tips is to recognize recurring issues indicated by oils that come up regularly in cli- ents’ scan histories. By staying on top of follow-up scans, and really looking into the results, Jessica has been able to help clients recognize the difference be- tween long-term issues and short-term issues.

This skill guides Jessica’s clients to the right path in using essential oils for their wellness in the most personalized and effective way possible. In a few cases, Jessica has been able to help her clients recognize the difference between minor issues that can be addressed at home with essential oils and larger issues that would be best to take to a medical professional.

The more good Jessica does, the more her enthusiasm has grown and her business has moved for- ward, bringing her team to both Platinum and Diamond levels in her first year!

3. The More You Learn, The Better You Serve

Knowing how much of her success has come through using the iTOVi Scanner, Jessica recommends the iTOVi for any new essential oils business builder.

Her recommendation to all iTOVi users is that they first use the oils and the iTOVi on themselves. Be- come a product of the product and then share your story with others.

Jessica says to, “Learn from every scan. If we only used the same oils over and over, we would miss out on so much for myself, my family, and my customers.”

Fortunately, Jessica and her family aren’t miss- ing out anymore. With the right oils and busi- ness tools, their future is blossoming with hope and possibility.

2. Dawn Camp

Dawn’s iTOVi Customizations: Step by Step

Key Takeaways:

  • Get to know the iTOVi app inside and out.
  • Differ your approach for new member scans vs. long-term member scans.
  • Take it with you everywhere and start wellness conversations.

Success doesn’t come all at once. But Dawn Camp certainly knew how to take the iTOVi one step at a time—and now she is reaping the benefits.

Step 1: Research

Back a few years ago, Dawn had just hit Silver and was starting to think more intentionally about expanding her business. She had heard a little bit about GSR scanners for essential oil users, but she wasn’t sold on the idea of buying one until she had done her own research.

“I was impressed both with the payment options offered and with the ease of use of the iTOVi…I wanted something easy to carry and easy to use, and the iTOVi fit the bill.”

After completing thorough research and choosing her preferred scanner, Dawn cashed in on the discounts of iTOVi’s annual Black Friday Sale. Again, she was willing to wait a little to be sure she got the best deal.

Step 2: Learn How To Use It

Dawn had never had a scan before, but she dove right in, scanning both herself and family members. After a few in-house trial runs, Dawn became “increasingly confident in the results. It’s amazing how many people predict what the device will say based on how they feel, or how further information backs up the scan results.”

Dawn kept at it until she knew the iTOVi app inside and out.

Before iTOVi, Dawn used oils to support stress management, pain management, and digestive function. But now with the iTOVi, she was further optimizing her choices and getting more out of her essential oil orders.

On top of that, she was learning just how to customize her reports for business use.

Step 3: Incorporate The Scanner Into Your Business

An easy place for Dawn to start supporting her business with her iTOVi was to scan current members who wanted tips for what to add to their Essential Rewards orders. In these cases, Dawn set her scan to cover a wide range of oils. Current members were delighted when an oil they had never used before came up in their scan report.

Of course, sometimes having your iTOVi out is like being the person who brought a box of donuts into the workplace—everybody notices. “Often I’m scanning current members when new people are present and they’re always curious,” Dawn said.

Dealing with scans for new members calls for a different approach. Fortunately, Dawn knows how to customize the iTOVi scan for any situation. She knows that when someone new wants an iTOVi scan, it is best to focus on the starter kit, “…I just scan them for starter kit item so they don’t get overwhelmed…[then they] see what products they could benefit from the kit.”

Just by knowing how the Report Settings and Client Groups work, Dawn is able to turn her iTOVi from a one-purpose tool for current members into a multi-purpose tool for customers at different stages of oil experience. Beginner-customized scans lead to questions about the starter kit oils and more starter kit purchases. Scans for current members lead to increases in Dawn’s monthly oil orders.

Dawn can perform a wide range of scan types— in a wide range of places as well, not just in classes. She wasn’t about to let the portability of the iTOVi go to waste (it was one of the main reasons she chose iTOVi over competitors).

“I keep it in my purse so it’s always with me…I’ve scanned people at the most random times and places,” she told us.

She discovered what so many iTOVi members have—that conversations about wellness can be started just about anywhere and, just like in her classes, the iTOVi makes it easier for just about anyone to see themselves using the oils.

It has been quite the journey. What began as something Dawn hardly knew anything about grew into a great tool for her business and her family, for home and on the go. It was just a matter of taking the iTOVi step by step, utilizing all the features so she could take her business to the next level.

If you want to know what else Dawn has up her sleeve, keep an eye out for Dawn’s book, It All Began in a Garden, featuring her own photography and 50 essential oils!

3. Judi Perrin

A Passion for Essential Oils

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the iTOVi as an icebreaker.
  • Use the contact information in the app to follow up.
  • Use the scan report to help make a wellness plan.
  • Scan your downline members to increase monthly orders.

Judi Perrin, a passionate essential oils veteran cleans the sweet, dark elderberry syrup off of her hands. She shoulders her morning dance class bag, says goodbye to her syrup-making students, and heads off to teach another class— this time to a group of expectant mothers.

It might seem like a busy day, but if there is one thing that Judi appreciates about alternative wellness solutions, it’s their ability to keep her energized, busy, and fulfilled.

Newcomers to the essential oils business of- ten find themselves in awe of the veterans— Diamonds and Platinums who have racked up years’ worth of experience and knowledge

when it comes to essential oils. Next to the veterans, it’s easy for a newcomers to feel like a boy scout campfire burning next to a volcano.

Still, even volcanoes can use a little channeling.

Judi found that despite all of her experience and passion, despite her makeover classes, blending classes, and go-for-it attitude, it could be difficult to find new clients who would engage with the idea of essential oils and their benefits.

She needed a tool to help her get her foot in the proverbial door, something to match her fast-paced style.

Using The iTOVi As An Icebreaker

Seven years into the essential oil business, Judi came across the iTOVi Scanner. Three years after that, in 2019, she’s still keeping up her busy schedule but wherever she goes the iTOVi goes with her.

Whenever she’s not teaching classes, Judi takes her iTOVi to the mall. All she has to do is pick out someone from the crowd and ask,“ Hey, you ever had an iTOVi scan?”

“W hat’s an iTOVi scan?” is the typical response.

Of course, Judi is always ready to take an open- ing like that. From there, it is an easy segway into essential oils!

“We use it as an icebreaker at most functions… workshops, rallies, classes, tabletop events, and first acquaintances,” said Judi. Not only is the foot in the door, but the iTOVi can be used to open that door further because the scan just draws people into a personalized conversation around herbal remedies.

The scanner neatly absorbs the focus of the initial interaction and the scan report transitions easily into the creation of a wellness plan.

The scan report prompts the recipient to think about specific oils and specific health benefits. They think about the wellness issue they face and can begin to see how the oils can help them.

As Judi said, “Most people are amazed at how accurate the results are as far as pertaining to what their issues have recently been…it really helps them see the benefits of the oils.”

Faint-heartedness and semi-interest are turned into active engagement. Judi was always ready to engage with the customer, but now they are ready to engage right back. A wellness plan is already taking shape in both of their minds.

Using The iTOVi Business Features

Of course, sometimes the scan recipient is on their way to pick up kids from soccer practice—the timing isn’t always right to start working on a wellness plan right there and then.

Fortunately, Judi knows how to use the iTOVi app to be sure the ball isn’t dropped.

“If they let me do a scan, I now have all of their contact information and a copy of their scan that I can use to help me determine the best way to follow up with them,” she says. The easy contact and easy follow-up tools of the iTOVi app help Judi get the business parts of the essential oils business out of the way, so she can focus on oils and the people themselves.

Creating A Wellness Plan

This is Judi’s favorite part.

Have they got questions about particular oils that showed up on their scan? Judi can talk about those oils. Did the scan highlight Clarity or the Endocrine system? Judi is happy to talk about benefits for both those areas as well as any other issues her client is facing.

And it doesn’t stop with one wellness plan. Judi can keep her business going as members return for follow-up scans. “The more we use this service… the more our members try new oils and usually this adds volume to their monthly orders.” From the roots to the branches, Judi has learned to use her iTOVi at every stage of her business.

When we asked her what her advice would be for other essential oil business owners, she said not to leave your essential oils on the shelf, but use them every day! And that’s a rule she clearly applies to her iTOVi Scanner as well.

4. Ann Rutan

How to Work Like a Guru

Key Takeaways:

  • Master the technology, including the app customizations.
  • Do not rush the scan.
  • Help your customers feel safe and comfortable in their scanning experience.

Seven years ago, Ann Rutan was started on her essential oils journey by an enthusiastic, skilled team leader. Today, that same recruiter calls Ann the “iTOVi guru”—especially when it comes to using the scanner and oils to support emotional issues.

Not that Ann got the jump on her recruiter right away. In fact, it took a while to convince Ann that the essential oils were worthwhile. And even then she didn’t master the iTOVi overnight.

But experience is a master teacher. As soon as she got a grasp on the oils and how they were improving her day-to-day wellness, Ann jumped right into the essential oils community —including her team’s Facebook page.

And shortly after her arrival in the Facebook group, the iTOVi appeared.

Group admins were buying iTOVi’s right and left.

Ann, at the time, was content to just have a few down liners and be a part of the essential oils community. But the iTOVi made her curious. And the curiosity continued to weigh on her until she got one…and almost immediately became frustrated with this technology! It seemed to belong to another generation, if not another planet!

It took time and lots of practice. But Ann wasn’t about to give up. She felt that if she could learn how to work with this iTOVi device it would be worth it.

So, she became a first-name-basis-regular with iTOVi customer support. She persisted until she became comfortable with the scanner, the app, and everything in between.

And as soon as she mastered the technology— her business exploded.

As her downline grew and her rank rose, Ann realized that there were a lot of people out there that she could help and that helping people with scans and oils was something she could dedicate herself to.

So she did.

She learned all about the emotional benefits of different oils. She began stocking up on essential oils literature. She began to formulate her own approach—her own rules for scanning.

Before too long, she became the go-to-gal for members of her downline who wanted help interpreting scans.

Ann’s experience had to be accrued over time, over hundreds of scans. That kind of experience can’t be given to another—but Ann’s rules are simple enough to learn.

Rule #1

Do not to rush the scan. “You can’t just scan them and leave. You don’t just send someone to a car dealership who has never been to driver’s ed,” Ann said.

Ann’s goal is to help her clients connect the scan results with their own lives. And she knew that was unlikely to happen if they were left only with the scan results and their own limited, new-to-essential-oils experience.

First-scan appointments are scheduled to be an hour long. The scan doesn’t take long, but Ann knows that the scan results are just the beginning. Understanding those results is what makes all the difference, and Ann knows that takes some time.

When the scan is done, Ann will address each oil in turn, describing the emotional benefit that oil is meant to have.

She doesn’t like to interrogate, but she will ask rhetorical questions as she goes through the oils. She waits and watches to see when the client’s face will light up with recognition. “Then they make the connection, and the benefits of the oils become real for them.”

Ann’s appointments are all about helping her clients understand the bigger picture of their own wellness, including how their emotional

difficulties feed into physical difficulties. By taking the results one by one, Ann hopes, not to just sell some oils, but to help her clients towards better emotional health.

Rule #2

Privacy. Sometimes these emotional issues can be quite personal. What’s more, over the experience of more than 300 scans, Ann has come to see how social stress can affect a scan. An overbearing parent, judgmental relative, or other observers can, by their mere presence, affect the scan results and make it harder for Ann to connect with her client.

Ann’s rule is that no one gets to sit in on anyone else’s scan appointment.

Rule #3

Confidentiality. The last thing anyone wants is for their deepest emotional turmoil to become public gossip. And Ann knows that in order to truly achieve her desire of helping others, she needs them to be able to trust her.

As such, every client is promised that whatever is discussed, whatever they share with Ann, will remain confidential.

That’s why Ann’s clients keep coming back, because they feel that they can trust her.

That integrity-and-efficacy priority extends to Ann’s iTOVi recommendations as well—she won’t recommend buying an iTOVi Scanner to someone she thinks won’t use it. For those who do take the essential oils seriously, Ann recommends that they buy an iTOVi of their own so they can practice on themselves and their fam- ily and hopefully learn enough to be self-sufficient in their own wellness pursuits.

For those who want to build an essential oils business, Ann recommends the iTOVi without question. “You can’t build without it” is her definitive opinion.

And, hey, who are we to argue with the guru?

5. Kristen Fox

Expert Helper

Key Takeaways:

  • Find the tools that allow you to do more with less.
  • Prompt your client to watch the during-scan video.
  • Tailoryourscanexperiencestohelptheclientfindtheir“Ah-ha!”moment.
  • Encourage your class members to relate to and learn from each other.

Looking after other people—it seems like a simple enough job description. Of course, every mother and caregiver knows that it is not as simple as it seems.

Kristen is both of those things.

Her profession as an occupational therapist suits her because she finds satisfaction in helping others daily. On top of that, spending so much time with the elderly has taught her powerful caregiving lessons about prioritization, efficiency, promoting in- dependence, and the power of community.

And then the baby came.

Kristen’s caregiving skills were about to be used in a new arena. One where she felt she could use the help of a few extra caregiving tools.

So, of course, while on maternity leave, Kristen didn’t just put her feet up and wait for the baby to come. Oh, no.

She had always wanted to use more natural products to support her family’s wellness, and now, while she was off of work, it seemed like the perfect time to begin to explore essential oils.

As she learned, Kristen found that her value for natural products, wellness, and efficiency fit well with the essential oils—but something was coming that would take it all to the next level.

Her online essential oil groups started posting about something called an iTOVi Scanner.

Kristen looked into the gadget and was pleased with the value and efficiency she saw in the product. She liked the price point. She liked how easy-to-use and compact it was. But perhaps most of all, she liked how well it worked as an education and wellness tool. She knew that with this tool she could help others more effectively than ever before.

Before, there had been long hours of flipping through essential oil catalogs. Before, there had been trouble in understanding the relationship between one’s body and the essential oils.

The iTOVi cut the reading time WAY down and blew the confusion away like dandelion seeds fluff on the breeze.

Kristen was continually delighted by the accuracy and efficiency of the scanner. It was adaptable too—good for the more independent (her husband finding the best supplements for himself) and the more dependent (those too young to assess their own wellness needs).

With the iTOVi, Kristen’s interactions with her clients became more efficient as well. In fact, it has

been so helpful that her iTOVi has become indispensable. Or as she put it, “I wouldn’t want to run my business without it.”

Kristen likes to scan clients when they are brand new to the essential-oils scene because it gives them a great starting point from which to use the essential oils and supplements.

It’s like a springboard into the world of aromatherapy! Instead of thinking, “Okay…so, I’ve got the starter kit. But where do I go from here?”, clients can know where to start—with the oils and wellness areas featured in their scan report.

After making sure her client watches the scan video (Kristen finds the video to be a succinct, effective explanation of the technology), Kristen does two things to help her clients get the most out of their “springboard” experience.

  1. Point out the individualized aspects of the scan report (especially the Emotions graph!), so the clients know that the results are tailored to them.
  2. Take the oils as listed, one by one, and review them with the client using her reference books.

During this stage, Kristen knows that it is important to gauge the level of guidance her client needs.

She wants to provide just enough information so that her clients can find their “Ah-ha!” moment— the moment they realize why a particular product has come up in their scan and they realize exactly how this product can help them. It’s often not long in coming. The scan results can be pretty self-explanatory.

But whatever guidance Kristen offers, she wants to be sure it helps them get to that moment, rather than getting in the way of it. Kristen knows, as a mom and as an occupational therapist, that “help” often means letting her child or client do all they can on their own, and only stepping in with tiny, well-placed nudges.

Still, even if Kristen holds back on micromanaging a client’s scan experience, it doesn’t mean she has to miss out on other great ways to build returns.

While some iTOVi members prefer to conduct scans in private, Kristen has found it helpful to scan people in groups because having a community can make all the difference in a therapeutic situation.

When two members of the class find the same oil, supplement, or highlighted category in their scan report—a conversation quickly springs to life!

Suddenly, Kristen finds herself amid a group of clients who are teaching each other, supporting each other, and building a community. All of which is going to be way better for her business than a few dilution tips.

Some of her downline members have become so independent that Kristen can lend them her iTOVi Scanner and her business is growing without her presence. It’s not quite as exciting as watching your child grow up and become independent, but it certainly yields great satisfaction.

As Kristen’s downline has begun to support itself, Kristen has been able to focus her efforts more on growth, downline training, and her other responsibilities as a mother and caregiver.

As she has helped others, many of them go on to help more people in their own way. It’s like a ripple effect of support, kindness, and learning.

All it has taken to keep it going has been the caregiving and business instincts of Kristen Fox, with a little help from the iTOVi Scanner.

6. Mark Sterling

When Words Aren’t Enough

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience over education in the initial interaction.
  • Take your lead from their reaction to the scan results.
  • Relate to people to help them understand the value of the products.

A former police chief probably isn’t the first person you would imagine selling essential oils. And yet, the combo works rather well.

Whether it be one-on-one interactions or public speaking engagements, Mark is unintimidated and comfortable, even natural, as he talks about essential oils products.

Both Mark and his wife joined a stellar team of oil distributors in Tulsa, Kansas in 2014. They jumped right in and ever since Mark has been enthusiastically talking to individuals and groups about essential oils, as well as using them to support his own wellness.

The enthusiasm and initiative of a law enforcement man can go a long way. And for the first two years, Mark felt that his personable and adaptable communication skills could carry his business.

Yet, after getting a firm grasp on the industry, Mark began to get frustrated with his close rate.

Even for him, it could be hard to get his audiences to see the benefits of essential oils.

Without personal knowledge of the clients themselves, Mark couldn’t know which oils or which benefits could interest them. He could make a good case, but he might end up pitching that case in the wrong direction by talking about digestive system support when the client could benefit more from immune system maintenance.

The conversation would often become muddled as Mark tried to adjust his words for different audiences, a classic obstacle in the path of essential oil distributors.

Calling In Backup

Then, Mark found the tool he needed for cutting through the confusion—the iTOVi Scanner.

“[the iTOVi] makes it really simple,” he said. “With the iTOVi, I can tell them, ‘Look. Don’t believe me. Let’s see how your body responds to the scan.’”

The scan and the ensuant reaction from the scan recipient would give Mark a lead and his speaking skills could carry the contact forward from there. He’s learned to put the practical experience of the client before his own testimonial.

The Client’s Experience Is King

As of today, Mark states that 30-40% of his downline has come through his approach of a “practical experience” with the iTOVi Scanner.

When we asked him to explain what he meant by “practical experience”, he told us about his pre-law enforcement career as a car salesman.

He learned back then that the best thing he could do to convince someone to buy a car was to get them behind the wheel. Even if the car wasn’t the color they thought they wanted—they would change their minds about what they wanted once they had taken the car for a spin.

Mark reasoned that if people would change their mind about a car after driving it, they could change their minds about essential oils after getting some experience with the oils. He’d save his speeches, for now, and focus on giving them an experience with oils.

“You have to give them something tangible… allow people to touch and feel the thing for themselves.” Mark offers the iTOVi scan as that tangible experience of how their body could interact with these essential oil products. What proved true in the car lot proved true in the essential oil business too. “Most of the time they try and they like it,” Mark says.

The Man Behind the Scanner

Of course, the iTOVi wasn’t about taking Mark’s personality and skills completely out of the equation—just about giving his talents the right stream to run in, the right timing too, since customers were much more likely to listen to him once they had seen their scan results.

The scan and the oils are “what” Mark presents, the wellness benefits are the “why”—but the “how” of Mark’s presentation takes everything to the next level. That takes the combined power of the iTOVi scan and Mark’s people skills.

“You have to be able to relate to people…to listen to them…let them share in the process,” said Mark. It’s his #1 piece of advice for essential oil distributors. “You can’t force it, but the oils sell themselves when people understand.”

(Did we mention that Mark works with evidence and crime scenes on the side? No wonder he knows how to let the customer be the detective and connect the dots themselves.)

Mark uses the experience of the iTOVi scan to bridge the gap between his knowledge and the cli- ent’s engagement and understanding. Remember, his show-before-tell approach formula is as follows:

  1. Give them the scan.
  2. Listen to their reaction and what they have to say about wellness.
  3. Respond by connecting their understanding to your experience and knowledge.
  4. Invite them to try the products.

Actually, it might be best to call it a show-and-lis- ten-then-tell approach. So, Mark’s success lies in being a great listener and a great speaker.

Hopefully, we can all learn to listen as he does. And if you find yourself in Kansas, maybe you’ll get the opportunity to listen to him!

7. Jen O’Sullivan

A Photographer’s Eye

Key Takeaways:

  • Prep the audience’s mindset.
  • Don’t distract or overwhelm.
  • Help them understand their scan, but let them interpret the scan.
  • Take opportunities to get extra exposure for your business.

Photography, in the right hands, has the power to bring attention, recognition, and perspective to things that, at first, might be overlooked. That is the power of the photographer’s eye—to see overlooked potential before anyone else does.

Where others see only ordinary, mundane, un-striking visuals, the photographer sees something that, if presented right, could be very powerful.

That’s why photographers care a lot about presentation, the light and color of the photograph, the lens angle, the subject’s position, and timing. The right combination of these elements will allow a less-visually aware pair of eyes to enter into the mind of the photographer and see the world—if only for a moment—the way that the photographer does.

But what does all this have to do with essential oils and the iTOVi Scanner?

Before Jen O’Sullivan got involved with essential oils, she was a photographer. And as a commercial photog- rapher, she figured iTOVi must be doing something right in their presentation because everybody in her es- sential oils community seemed to be talking about the new company and scanner.

It was at least enough to make Jen think, “This looks super fun. I’ll give it a try.”

The real snapshot-worthy moment came when Jen introduced the iTOVi to her husband—who was skeptical of the oils themselves, and even more so of this new scanner.

However, when Jen’s husband looked at his scan report and saw the emotions it had highlighted, he was shocked! The scan report spoke to feelings he had never voiced aloud. Jen’s husband’s attitude towards the oils and the scanner changed and so did Jen’s.

As a photographer, she already believed in the power of presentation and now she could see how the iTOVi presented the oils in a new way, a way that created interest and drew people into the essential oils conversation.

That’s why she loves to take it with her to the essential oil classes of her downline members. The students can be introduced to the oils and their assorted benefits in one room, while Jen sits in another taking step-out scans one-by-one.

And, like an expertly taken photograph, the iTOVi helps them see the oils they have just learned about in a whole new light.

The iTOVi scan “helps people see the veracity of the oils”, Jen says, and from there, trying to get them to engage with the products is like pushing at an open door.

Jen even uses the iTOVi Scanner as an ice breaker at social functions. The scan report sits there like a well-taken photograph, and people ask her about the products. The engagement comes from them.

Still, the iTOVi doesn’t do all the work. The difference between expert photography and a nice camera is the photographer. And Jen has a few secrets when it comes to presenting the iTOVi scan report most effectively.

Prep The Audience’s Mindset

Pulitzer Prize photographs are the ones that depict reality in a way that shows a deeper truth. And clients are almost always interested in learning deeper truths about themselves.

Of course, sometimes the truth shown in the iTOVi scan can be quite personal or bring up issues, physical or emotional, that the client hasn’t been wanting to confront. Rather than gloss over that fact, Jen prepares for it by fore- warning her clients of the iTOVi’s accuracy and asking them not to shoot the messenger.

That seems to help the interaction go smooth- er and to help the client trust both Jen and the scan results.

Don’t Distract Or Overwhelm

Although Jen is now quite the teacher when it comes to biofeedback and GSR, she knows that technical jargon can be like the light in a photograph—too much or too little can ruin the effect.

Or as she puts it, “Sometimes we tend to over-explain things. Let the scan speak for itself.”

As a result, she does three things.

The first is to gauge her audience to know how much of the technical jargon they will find useful. She wants to answer their questions, but not drown them in jargon to the point that they can’t focus on their scan report.

The second is to avoid taking over the interpretation of the scan report. She is happy to help her clients understand the scan layout, but she knows that they’ll get the most out of the scan if they research and consider the results for themselves.

Thirdly, she will caution that the iTOVi scan report is not a grocery list of what her client should put down in their next monthly order. Lemon could be coming up now in response to a very temporary issue, one that your body will take care of before your month- ly order could get it in. Jen encourages her clients to use the oils they have on hand to start with and look out for which oils come up repeatedly in their follow-up scans.

A Little Free Exposure Boosts Your Business

Another nice thing about photographs is that they can be distributed and do their eye-opening work anywhere, even if the photographer isn’t present.

In a similar way, Jen has no problem lending her iTOVi Scanner to members of her downline who are headed to classes, parties, or other scan opportunities. It still expands her downline and Jen knows that the scan will work well enough on its own.

It certainly can make a big difference to have a professional working behind the lens, but even begin- ners can get the ball rolling with the right device and an eye for presentation.

New iTOVi users may take some time to develop their skills to Jen’s level of expertise, but at least you can start with tips from a professional presenter.

8. Amber Ogert

Balanced Steps to Success

Key Takeaways:

  • Arrange for a follow-up with every contact you make.
  • Know when to educate and when to listen.
  • Allow for flexibility in wellness plans.

The right tool in the right hands can have a powerful effect.

Perhaps Amber Ogert is one of the founders of the iTOVi discussion group because of how effectively she wields her iTOVi Scanner.

She’s become an effective business builder, an effective teacher, and an effective leader in the iTOVi community because her approach to the iTOVi is all about balance. And, as each of us learned through our first stumbling attempts at walk- ing—balance is the key to success.

Amber’s intuitive desire for balance has informed her iTOVi journey from the beginning.

Her experience with the essential oils them- selves began when she saw the need for greater balance in her health regimen—a part of it based on the informed advice of her licensed doctor.

After finding great success in balancing her health between both using essential oils and relying on her doctor’s advice, Amber leaped at the opportunity to improve her personal wellness decisions with an iTOVi Scanner.

And with the iTOVi, Amber found her way to an effective, balanced approach for her essential oils business.

Balancing First Impressions With Follow-ups

Amber found that the iTOVi Scanner piqued the curiosity of whomever she offered to scan. Today, Amber estimates that, “2/3rds of the people I scan become a client of some sort”, either buying oils or signing on to her distribution company.

But that success rate doesn’t just happen spontaneously. It happens because Amber doesn’t let that initial enthusiasm fizzle out like a flash fire.

She uses the iTOVi to perpetuate her client relationship rather than just start it.

With every scan and wellness plan she puts together, Amber arranges for another meeting, a follow-up scan to balance out the initial flare with something more long-term. As the client understands that their scan results change, they understand that their body changes regularly. Last week, Bergamot may have been the best oil for them, but this week, Turmeric is where it’s at.

When her client returns and gets scanned again, they can get some idea as to how the oils have worked for them so far and see if there are any new areas they should perhaps begin to ad- dress with essential oils. This way their wellness plan really is a plan because it has both a goal and accountability involved.

A one-time customer has become a two-time or even a consistently-returning customer—all thanks to a balanced approach.

Balancing Education With A Listening Ear

For those who are already interested in essential oils, Amber is too balanced to think that her inter- actions are just about making a sale. In this environment, the balance is all about educating and listening—and the iTOVi Scanner sits in the middle of that balance.

On the right side of the scale is education. Amber likes to begin by educating her clients on essential oils, how to use them, what their benefits are, how to balance natural supplementation with traditional medicine, etc. Only then does she give them a scan.

After the scan is over, Amber starts putting weight on the other side of the scale—by listening.

The most common response Amber gets to the scan report is a surprised “How did it know that?” At that moment, her clients are mind-blown and receptive.

Amber could jump in and start micromanaging their wellness plan, but that wouldn’t be a balanced approach. She has already spent time talking as she educated them.

Instead, she asks why they are surprised by the results, “Does any of that make sense to you? Does any of that resonate with you?”

Now it is time to listen to them, to hear their story and connect with them rather than jumping to the selling point of the situation. This way the client has the means and the time to come to an important realization.

They realize why they want these oils and supple- ments in their life. They know why they want a well- ness plan. And a client who already knows why they want your product is the best kind of client to have.

Is the balancing act over at this point? Well, no. Amber believes there is another discrete balance to be struck in helping the client interpret their scan results as they create a wellness plan.

Balance In The Interpretation Of The Scan Report

Amber encourages a balance between the hard results of the iTOVi scan report and the client’s own intuition. This includes encouraging them to balance their product choices between the first page of the scan report and the graphs.

The scan has offered the client ideas on which emotions or bodily systems they may want to address, a ballpark if you will. Even though the scan report provides recommendations on which products they can use to support those areas, the client should remain free to adjust their approach according to their doctor’s advice, oil preferences, and other worthy factors. This way, the patient is allowed both focus and flexibility, balance.

As for keeping her business in balance, Amber knows how to mediate her focus between retention and recruitment, which in turn helps her to balance her business-building ambition with her other non-entrepreneurial pursuits.

Of course, balance isn’t learned all at once. Keep- ing a balanced approach with the iTOVi Scanner had to be learned over the course of experience and experimentation, but doing so has made Amber an incredibly effective user of the iTOVi Scanner.

Fortunately, you don’t have to have as much experience as Amber does in order to learn from her balanced approach.

9. Cornelia Mikolash

The iTOVi Scanner & Holistic Therapy

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the iTOVi as a conversation starter.
  • Customize your scans and consultations so your clients don’t get overwhelmed by the breadth of the scan report.
  • Encourage scan recipients to learn about the products and choose for themselves.
  • Use free scans as incentives.
  • Follow up with your clients individually.

Germany is one of the world’s leaders in complementary and alternative medicine, so it was a great place for Cornelia to study holistic therapy. For months, she toiled over books, articles, and diagrams eager to learn all she could.

Her goal was to become a truly effective holistic therapist, to help and educate others to the point that they could support their own health rather than of remaining dependent on her.

Whether she was recommending Ingwer (ginger) for nausea or explaining the pain-relieving benefits of acupuncture, Cornelia kept her vision of holistic therapy in mind.

After moving to the United States, Cornelia wanted to continue her work in holistic therapy, including sharing essential oils, but the United States culture wasn’t always so open to holistic medicine. Network marketing seemed to be one of the best avenues for holistic medicine in the United States—but Cornelia wasn’t sure network marketing was for her.

Network marketing, if done incorrectly, could become more about the money than about the people. Cornelia was already familiar with the difficulties and doubts that kept people from en-

gaging with holistic therapy—and she knew that the wrong approach could come across as “salesy”.

As she took her first tentative steps into net- work marketing, she hoped her holistic expertise would help her do the true work of a therapist more than that of a saleswoman.

Fortunately, of all the places she could have moved to, she chose Salt Lake City, where iTOVi attends annual essential oils conventions. Al- most as soon as she found out what the iTOVi could do, Cornelia was bringing her up-line and sister-line friends into the iTOVi tent for free scans. This device was so cool! And the scan results were so personalized!

Cornelia had found her tool for combining holistic medicine and network marketing.

It was suddenly so much easier to introduce and explain holistic medicine to people because she could offer them a scan. “Some people need the confidence that they get from the report. And they can visit it over and over again,” Cornelia says.

Cornelia knew that her holistic methods would only be able to help as many people as her business could reach. Thankfully, the iTOVi Scanner helped get people through the front door of her business and it provided them with another wellness resource that they could use alongside Cornelia’s other holistic recommendations.

The iTOVi Scanner didn’t magically conjure up downline members without any work, but Cornelia knew that if she could use it right, it would boost her business. Or, as she puts it, “It’s on you how much the iTOVi impacts your business.” She got out there with her scanner and used it to start conversations about holistic wellness with strangers.

The more she used it, the more her business grew.

As time went on, Cornelia discovered how to get the most out of a scan for her clients.

Her initial conundrum was that she didn’t want to limit the options of her clients by only doing a 3-5 product scan. But, she also didn’t want to over- whelm her clients with 10 product options, either. To remedy this, she sets her scanner to scan for Starter Kit products, and routinely encourages her clients to focus on the top three products in their scan report, looking at the other products as viable secondary options.

Once she has her client focused on the first three oils in their scan, Cornelia doesn’t try to interpret the results for them. She prefers to let them read and study the results for themselves because then they start talking and thinking about holistic therapy of their own volition.

That’s the thing about therapy—especially holistic therapy—your clients walk away with and keep using what they personally find useful. And people find what’s useful through their own experience. Or as Cornelia says it, “I am offering them a bunch of flowers…whether it is a scan, or oils, or health tips….it’s like a bunch of flowers and they can pick what they want. I offer and I don’t force people to do something.” Cornelia’s job is to help them find the most useful options for themselves and help them employ those options effectively.

Cornelia can listen to her clients, help them know their options, and narrow down their choices, but she can’t choose for them. That would take away from their experience and growing independence.

A therapist’s job is to help, yes, but so often it has to be done by invitation, recommendation, and relationship-building rather than prescription-ing. The iTOVi just makes that recommendation and relationship-building process easier.

Not that a few smart business tactics don’t help Cornelia keep the ball rolling.

She uses the iTOVi client pages to arrange individual follow-ups. She offers free scans to those who bring a plus-one to her classes. And she uses the iTOVi Scanner to serve and keep up her relationship with her downline builders.

But in the end, it’s all really about the client’s journey to managing their own holistic wellness.

Cornelia has continued her international journey and has begun building her business in Central America, but wherever she goes, the iTOVi Scanner goes with her. Turns out, the iTOVi Scanner is a holistic therapist’s best friend!

10. Missy DeWitt

The Power of Connectivity

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to empathize with your clients. It will build the relationship of trust between you and those you scan.
  • Help your clients find common factors across their scan results.
  • Arrange for regular follow-up scans with your downline members.

Missy is all about finding and making connections.

She builds connections between people. She finds connections between essential oils and wellness benefits for her own life and for the lives of her clients. And, she is constantly making connections in and through iTOVi scan reports.

Her knack for finding connections has been the basis of her success as a business owner.

Introduction To Essential Oils & The iTOVi Scanner

The first significant connection she made with essential oils was when she tried using lavender oil to help with her seasonal allergies. Excited by the disappearance of her watery-eyes and sniffles, Missy sought out new connections between her wellness and the essential oils. And the longer she experimented with the essential oils, the more connections she made.

Then a different kind of connection came to her. The iTOVi office invited her to become one of their influencer’s, a position that put an iTOVi Scanner in her hands. She started using the scanner on herself and her family right away and found herself growing in her oil expertise. The scan reports even helped her connect physical symptoms with emotional issues, insights which helped her better care for her young family.

Using The iTOVi Scanner To Enhance Client Interactions

The iTOVi Scanner became her “sidekick” to connect with people and help them make their own connections with essential oils and supplements.

Of course, connecting with the oils isn’t only part of the equation in network marketing. The other side of the coin is connecting with people.

And Missy knows that forging connections with people is best done with sincerity, patience, and a listening ear.

First off, Missy has a very empathetic approach in introducing the iTOVi Scanner. “I want them to know that I actually care,” Missy says,” I don’t want them to feel like I am just selling them something.”

She likes to keep the client and their wellness as the focal point of her client interactions. Any client interaction begins with, “How are you?”, to which the client often responds with a hint at some kind of wellness concern: “Oh, kinda tired”, “Alright… just kind of frustrated with my work project”, or “I’ve been kind of achy today. I wonder if I might be sleeping wrong.”

Whatever the concern, Missy offers an iTOVi scan to see if they scan for any oils related to their con- cern. “Everyone is really amazed that it is spot on,” Missy says. And when clients see what they have been feeling reflected in the scan, a number of new connections are made.

Firstly, they feel validated as they connect what their own intuition has been telling them with the scan results.

Secondly, they feel like they can begin to under- stand and resolve their wellness issues. This connection is so powerful that in several instances, Missy’s clients have been brought to tears as they realize they are seen and heard and that they now have more options for wellness support.

Thirdly, they feel a connection of trust with Missy as she continues to listen to and validate their feel- ings. They trust her to help them understand and use the scan report to improve their wellness.

In Missy’s own words, “Using the iTOVi as a way to get to know people is far more beneficial than just get- ting the scan results…Get to know the individual.”

Using The iTOVi Scanner With New Members

Missy has found these connections to be great for making new contacts, supporting the continued participation of current members, and especially for educating new members.

Missy enjoys sitting down with new members and using the iTOVi scan to help them find a starting point with their starter kits. This sometimes means helping them take a step back from the breadth of the scan results and inviting them to look for connections between the components of their scan report. “Find the similarities,” Missy always says, encouraging her new members to look for a common factor among their top results. Is it digestive support? Calming emotions? Whatever it is, it becomes a starting point for new oil users, who might otherwise feel lost trying to figure out how to use their new oils.

New members soon become long-standing members who don’t need Missy’s help reading their scans. (Of course, it helps that Missy encourages all scan recipients to download the app so they can review their scan reports on their own time.)

With the iTOVi Scanner, it is also easier for Missy to maintain and build upon her connection with new members. “Everyone is always excited to scan,” says Missy. She offers monthly follow-up scans to all her members, which helps them stay proactive about their wellness. Additionally, that follow-up scan will often add to the volume of a client’s monthly order.

All those connections pile up over time. Missy’s hard work, combined with a little help from her iTOVi Scanner, has taken her from Gold to Platinum, and her team is shooting for Diamond next! As Missy continues to make quality connections with her clients, she is sure to get there soon.

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