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Lead generation is the bread and butter of network marketing. 

If you don’t generate leads, you can’t educate and onboard. And if you can’t educate and onboard, you can’t grow!

Fortunately, apart from being a powerful tool for personal wellness, the iTOVi Scanner is an incredible tool for generating leads! Follow the steps below to become an expert at finding, making, and following up with leads!

Step 1: Know the Ground Rules

It’s All About Conversations

Generating leads is all about having conversations with people! It’s about sparking interest, emotionally connecting, and offering solutions to their needs!

The two biggest factors for success are 1) the number of people you talk to and 2) how you talk to them

The number of people you talk to is important because the more people you talk to, the more leads you’ll get! 

A lot of people won’t be interested. Some people you talk to won’t be interested right away, but will become leads for you later on. And a few will take an immediate interest and become active leads after just one conversation! But the fastest and often only way you find your golden leads is to talk to as many people as possible!

That’s why it’s crucial to find places to talk to people and, once you’re there, know how to start wellness conversations with them! (See Step 4 for specific tips!) 

The next thing to master is how to talk to the people you meet! Usually, you’ll only have a short window of time in which to 1) introduce yourself, 2) get on the topic of wellness, 3) impress them with the value of your product, 4) get their contact information, and 5) arrange a follow up! 

That’s a lot to fit smoothly into one conversation! So your conversational skills are going to have to be on point! And, though the best way to improve conversationally is to practice having conversation, you’ll find that (if you know how to use it) the iTOVi Scanner will do half of the work for you!

Step 2: Know the Value of Your Product

Your ability to spark interest in your essential oil products and get leads (as well as educate your clients, give great wellness consultations, and offer high quality support to your team) depends on how well you know the value of your products!

It’s not just about the raw, factual information you have on your products (although that is important). It’s also about the passion, personal testimonials, and confidence you can put behind your product presentations!

This passion will look different for each person, but it is usually born out of experience! Maybe you can personally speak to the value of the oils in helping you sleep, overcome your anxiety, or improve your fitness. Maybe you’ve found incredibly helpful personal wellness insight through your iTOVi Scanner. Or maybe you just know, first hand, how much it changes a person’s life when they start putting wellness first!

Wherever your passion lies, follow it! Seek out experiences to help you build your passion and your knowledge base. This is what will make you stand out! This is what will carry your voice through the noise to make an impact on those you talk to!

Step 3: Find People to Talk to 

To generate a great pool of leads, you can’t just talk to people you already know! You’re going to have to talk to strangers. 

This doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, the more you practice the more comfortable, natural, and even eager you will feel to talk to people about your products

There are four main ways to find people to talk to: 

  • Local events (farmers markets, vendor expos, health and fitness classes, boutiques, etc)
  • Your own events and locations (classes that you organize, your place of business, etc)
  • Media and online platforms (webinars, content subscriptions, forums, online communities, etc) 


  • Organic opportunities (conversations you start on the bus, at the park, or wherever else you go!) 

Go to these events and situations ready to talk!

If you’re going to an event, plan ahead! Know what people there will likely be interested in talking about. And have your conversation-starters and other materials, like the iTOVi Scanner, free samples, promotional materials, etc, on hand and ready to use!

If you plan to get your leads through organic opportunities, be sure to carry your iTOVi Scanner with you wherever you go! You never know when you’ll find a great opportunity to give someone a free scan!

Step 4: Start Talking AND Listening

Once you’ve found a place to talk to people, it’s time to start having those conversations!

Learn how to start conversations with pleasant greetings, polite questions, and/or powerful attention grabbers! Learn how to listen to people, empathize, validate, and go with the flow of conversation. And learn how to smoothly adapt your invitations (i.e. to get a scan, try products, come to a wellness class, etc) to fit the conversation at hand. 

Once again, practice makes perfect! And conversation making is a skill like any other that requires you to put in the practicing hours before you’ll get really good at it. 

The top two ways of using the iTOVi Scanner in these conversations are: 

  • Cold Scan Invitations. You can catch someone’s attention by offering them a free scan. “Hey, would you like a free iTOVi Scan?” “What’s an iTOVi Scan?” they’ll say. And boom—you’ve already started a conversation. 
  • Targeted scans. Offer a scan customized to what they are interested in! If they tell you they’ve been working on their gut health? Offer to scan them specifically for digestive-support products! Have they been dealing with anxiety? Make a product group of the top anxiolytic wellness products and scan them with that! Do they feel lost regarding their wellness and don’t know where to start? Try a general scan to spark ideas for a wellness plan!

However, these aren’t the only options! You can also  introduce the iTOVi Scanner as:

Step 5: Locking Down the Lead

Not every conversation you have will progress to this point. But many will! And if you have a good opportunity to lock down your lead—take it!

Whenever you scan someone, the prescan process will get you their basic contact information (email and phone number), which is a great start! But you haven’t truly locked a lead down with someone until they are looking forward to more contact with you

This is often accomplished through an invitation or prompt, such as: 

  • I’d love to stay in contact with you. Do you mind if I reach out to you next week and we can talk more about ______? 
  • I’d be happy to send you more information on that top product you scanned for. Would you mind if I emailed/texted you some material on it later?
  • I’m actually running an essential oils and meditation class next week. It’s a great class for stress relief. Can I send you an invitation for it? 

You don’t have to make a sale or onboard someone right then. Typically, people need to have roughly 7 interactions with you before they’ll be ready to make any sort of financial commitment. But, you’ve got a lead you can start working with! And at least one of those seven interactions is already done!

What about social media leads? Social media can be a great place to access people, start conversations, and gather leads. Succeeding with social media, however, often requires that you develop a strong personal brand, release high quality content regularly, and engage often with your followers. You may choose to invite social media leads to meet you IRL for a personal scan, either in a class or an individual wellness consultation, or you can encourage them to get their own iTOVi Scanner on the Personal Plan

Step 6: Begin the Follow Up Process

When it comes to network marketing—”The fortune is in the follow up”. 

Make sure to follow up with any leads you get within a few days of your first interaction. You don’t want them to forget about you!

Keep your follow ups short, but make them impactful! Give them value during your follow up interactions, such as valuable information, valuable networking opportunities, or simply the valuable experience of being listened to! Take time to listen to them and make sure to set up your next follow up before you part ways again!

For expert tips on following up with clients, sign up for one of our training webinars with our VP business marketing Jon McGarry!

Class Ideas
  • Discuss the “marketing funnel” and why it is so important to generate and find new leads. Brainstorm places to find leads and practice inviting each other to scan. 
  • Discuss the conversational skills that go into collecting leads. Discuss the value of good listening, effective questions, ice breakers, jokes, and graceful invitations. Practice these skills with each other. 
  • Discuss classes, how to come up with engaging class ideas, how to invite leads to classes, how to run a class, and how to set up your follow-ups at the end of classes. 
  • Discuss follow ups and how they can be done most effectively and naturally. Practice “following up” with each other. 

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