A Day with an iTOVi Scanner

We’ve talked a lot about how iTOVi can bless your business and your wellness. But until you have a scanner, it’s hard to see how this little device could have such a big impact. In this blog post, we’ll be taking you through a normal day with an iTOVi scanner to show you just how often you’ll find yourself reaching for your scanner.

Getting Ready

Whether you’re waking up to an alarm or a screaming toddler, it’s sooooo tempting to roll over and sink back into the comfort of your warm pillow. (If only there were a snooze button on responsibility, right?) No matter your situation, there eventually comes a time when you just need to get out of bed. Maybe you start your day with a comforting cup of coffee, or perhaps you barely have time to wait for your pop tart to toast while you scramble to find those missing car keys. But before you head out the door, you grab your iTOVi scanner and take a quick minute to breathe while you wait for your results. In a short 60 seconds, your scan report lists your top products at the time of the scan. Taking that extra time to apply those products allows you to start your day with the right intention. You walk out the front door with confidence, knowing that with everything going on in your life, you still made wellness a priority.

Running Errands

Once the kids are dropped off at school, or once that exhausting 8-hour shift is over, it’s time to adult. Ugh. For many of us, this means a grocery run in our yoga pants or stopping by Starbucks before we hit the bank. Either way, picture this: You’re standing in front of the health section of the grocery store. You know you need something in this aisle, but you can’t remember what. You notice someone standing next to you, admiring the supplements or perhaps browsing through essential oil bottles. Now’s your chance to go for it! With a burst of energy, you pull out your trusty iTOVi scanner and practice your approach over and over in your head as you walk towards the said stranger. You make a friendly greeting, and before you know it, you’re answering questions about iTOVi and oils and all of the things that get your heart racing with excitement. You just found yourself a client! They accept your invitation to try an iTOVi scan, and you leave the store feeling on top of the business world. Rock those yoga pants, you #bossbabe.

Hitting the Town

Finally, after a long day of chauffeuring grumpy pre-teens or powering through business meetings, it’s time to wind down. If you’re seeing a movie with a group or attending a dinner party with close friends, be sure to have that iTOVi with you. When the conversation dies down, and everyone looks down at their plate instead of breaking the awkward silence, that’s where you come in. To people who haven’t heard of the iTOVi scanner, it’s a fascinating device that takes a bit of explaining. And they can test it out themselves! It’s the perfect icebreaker. If you need help explaining iTOVi to non-oilers, have no fear…we wrote an entire blog post about it. Once you whip out that little device, people will be chatting and asking you questions until the movie starts or until the waiter kicks you out of the restaurant. Who knows, you might even gain a new client in the process!

These three scenarios are just examples of how iTOVi has made an impact in our day-to-day life. Purchasing an iTOVi scanner is a big leap, but great things never come from comfort zones. If you still need that extra push, then listen to what other customers have to say about iTOVi here.

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