Chakras & Oils

Download the iTOVi Chakra & Oils Chart!

Have you wanted to balance your emotions, body systems, or even chakras? Starting from the "Root" up is one way to go!

If you own an iTOVi, you can reference your results to the "Emotions" and "Body Systems" categories in this chart to apply your reports in your wellness journey to get the most out of each scan.
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Host a Chakra Class

If you are interested in chakra and energy work, a “Good Vibes Workshop” is a great way to introduce others to essential oils!
  • Choose a chakra or energy center to work on.
  • Bring a guest chakra coach if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself
  • If you have a scanner:
    • Build a guest list and enter them in as clients before the event
    • Build a product group with essential oil products associated with the chakra you’re focusing on
    • Scan for 3 products and have them apply them BEFORE the class starts.
  • Ideas for class:
    • Bring in a guest speaker
    • Learn about the chakra and what happens when they’re balanced and unbalanced
    • The power of aromatherapy
    • Breathing exercises
    • Sound Bath with crystal bowls
    • Crystals methods
  • When the class is over, you can opt to scan again for the same product and see what changed and what stayed the same.
  • Have small vials or rollers ready for them to add the oils they scanned for
  • Challenge them to use them throughout the week to remind them of their experience

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