5 Ways to Practice Self-Love

With the hustle and bustle that we are all too familiar with in our day-to-day lives, it’s hard to remember to give yourself the care and love that you deserve. Whether it’s chauffeuring the kids between dance, t-ball, and karate practice or staying up late to finish that last-minute sales pitch that your boss asked you to present the next day, we are all too familiar with putting other’s needs before our own. Self-love isn’t just about allowing yourself that extra slice of cake or buying those shoes you’ve been eyeing for over a month. It’s about recognizing and prioritizing your needs, gaining a true sense of self, and finding your own happy. You may surprise yourself by how simple it is to practice self-love and feel its effects in your life!

Below are 5 self-love practices that take little time and result in more peace and harmony in our lives:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself

As tempting as it may be, try not to check your social media during the first hour of your day. We’re all guilty of browsing through Instagram and Facebook in the wee morning hours. Instead of looking through your friends latest adventures, use this time to reflect on your own successes and goals. What long-term goal are you working on? How can you best utilize this beautiful new day you’re starting to work towards it? What short-term goal do you have for today? How can you best show your love for those you care about? Contemplating and meditating on these or similar questions may help align your day in a more positive manner.

2. Have a Self-Love Ritual

Find a small activity that you can do everyday. Indulge in your favorite hobby (if you’re a lover of baking, check out our great peppermint brownie recipe or our blackberry lemon muffin recipe). Realizing what makes you happy and allowing yourself to have those regular moments of joy can help find peace and relaxation.

3. Practice Positive Self-Talk

This is definitely easier said then done but focus on only thinking positive thoughts about yourself. Getting into this habit of positive self-thoughts can help you recognize mistakes you have made and move forward from them quicker. This practice takes time and commitment; frustration may arise when you aren’t able to master this practice right away. Use mantras, begin your day by writing 5 things you love about yourself, or have a pep-talk in your mirror to kick-start practice.

4. Watch a sunrise or sunset

It’s amazing at how calming yet awe-inspiring this regular act of nature can be. Unplug from the world (meaning put that cellphone/laptop/tablet etc.) down and look at the world around you. Remind yourself that your day is just beginning or ending and that there are so many opportunities that will unfold before you. Delight in the color that streaks across the sky and realize that beauty can be found in something everyday.

5. Create a personalized diffuser blend with essential oils

With the personalized scan from an iTOVi, take your top oils from the emotional category and add a few drops of each to a diffuser. These oils may help you feel an emotional balance in your life when utilized.

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