Dr. Danielle Daniel + iTOVi Wellness

Discover how Dr. Danielle Daniel uses the iTOVi Wellness Scanner to inform her own product use, educate and connect with her clients, support her business, and support her work!

Here’s why we love Dr. Danielle Daniel!

Dr. Danielle Daniel is a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a holistic approach to the brain. Using the science of nature, her expertise focus on the neural limbic pathways, neurocardiology, and psychogastroenterology (the gut-brain axis) for immediate and sustained emotional wellbeing. She trains hospitals, clinics and therapists around the world on the field of Psychoaromcology and the application of Psychoaromatherapy.

She’s a true expert in her field.

Attend the Mental Health & Aromatherapy Symposium on September 12, 2023!

This conference is for health and wellness professionals that serve in the mental health field.

We’ll dive into a wide range of mental health topics to enhance your practice and client experience by integrating the holistic and complementary approach of aromatherapy.

When: September 12th from 2pm – 8pm

Where: Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek
75 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 – Deer Valley Room

The iTOVi Scanner


The iTOVi Scanner is a revolutionary wellness tool that helps individuals find the best essential oils and supplements for their body and their wellness plan! It’s a great at-home tool for personal and family wellness as well as a great business building tool!


The iTOVi Scanner uses subtle electromagnetic frequencies, correlating to the unique frequencies of actual wellness products, and GSR technology to track the body’s real-time responses to essential oil and nutritional supplement products.


With so many wellness products and wellness recommendations out there, it can be hard to know where the best place to start is for your wellness. The iTOVI gives you a personalized report with specific product recommendations and wellness areas to focus on, so you can stay attuned to yourself and live well!

“The number one question I get asked is the leading expert in emotional aromatherapy is “how do I know which essential oil to apply for each specific person and their mental health needs?” This is such a good question and it is so nice that we do have some science to guide us, however everyone’s brain chemistry is different. My best answer is to get the iTOVI scanner. This scanner takes the guessing game out and assures that the person’s body is dictating what it needs in that moment. Whether you are in an office or home setting, this little tool can enhance essential oil experiences improving client and personal results.”

Ready to make iTOVi part of your wellness?

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In addition to the promo code, Dr. Danielle is also including a Holistic Brain iTOVi Skin to each order!

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