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The iTOVi Scanner is the wellness industry’s leading technology for personalized wellness! Get real-time insights into what is going on in your body, personalized product recommendations, scan your friends and family members, and use your scanner to powerfully boost your wellness business!

How Does It Work?

1. Scan for Products

Using subtle electrical frequencies and GSR technology, the iTOVi scanner tests and records your body’s real-time responses to natural wellness products!

2. Get Scan Results

Your scan results are displayed in a personalized scan report, showing you your top response products as well as the areas of physical or emotional wellness those products belong to!

3. Build Your Wellness Plan

Use your scan results to choose the areas of wellness you want to focus on in the coming weeks, as well as what products and habits you’ll use to support those areas!

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iTOVi Products

iTOVi Scanner

The iTOVi Scanner is the wellness industry’s #1 tool for personal wellness AND business building! The iTOVi Scanner tests the body’s responses to wellness product signatures to create a personalized scan reports you can use to: 

  • Find the best wellness products for you
  • Track your wellness & optimize your wellness plan
  • Help family members, clients, and team members find their best products
  • Build your EO business with scan reports and all of iTOVi’s business-supportive app features!
  • And more!

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