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iTOVi pairs over 100 years of scientific research and technology with modern day algorithms to find which essential oils and supplements you match with best. The easy-to-use, free iTOVi app creates personalized reports so you can record, track, and be a source of knowledge on your path to wellness. 

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The Technology

Minimum requirements for iOS devices
– iOS 10.0 or higher
– Bluetooth 4.1

Minimum requirements for Android devices
– Android 5.0 or higher
– Bluetooth 4.1

Note: The Huawei phone is not compatible due to not running Android or iOS

Our bodies are highly complex chemical, structural, and energetic masterpieces with trillions of components and millions of processes and cycles. The elegant symphony of electrical signatures that occurs within each of us every day keeps our body in a state of well-being and highlights our complexity and individuality! These electrical signatures relate and respond to your personal temperature, heartbeat, current state of health, and even the workings of your unique mind.

The human body has an incredible ability to adapt! It maintains health and homeostasis, recovers from stress, and even turns stress into growth by carefully, constantly, and masterfully adjusting in response to stimuli. Whether the stimulus is internal or environmental, helpful or harmful to the body in its current state—the body quickly formulates an appropriate response to it. For the purposes of an iTOVi scan, that stimulus is the exact electrical frequency of a unique, natural wellness product!

The body doesn’t respond uniformly when presented with a stimulus. It responds according to its current state! 

Various methods, including pulse and blood cortisol levels, have been used throughout the centuries to study the body’s internal state via its reactions. And GSR is one of the most precise bio-response methods developed yet! It is sensitive enough to gently measure bodily signals through skin electrodes, producing a quick, quantifiable readout of the body’s reactions to wellness product frequencies! Once all the quantified data is collected, it can be sent to the iTOVi Algorithm.

After an iTOVi scan is complete, the iTOVi Algorithm sorts through the data, easily identifying the most pronounced changes in your skin conductivity that signal a strong reaction from your body! The algorithm matches your reactions to the product frequencies that caused them and ranks those products and their associated responses from strongest to weakest.  The strongest-response product frequencies are considered to be the most important.

Once the iTOVi scan is complete, a report will show you the results of your scan in the iTOVi app where you can review, study the products, and even purchase your top products! Every report is permanently saved under the client’s name in the app. You can also choose to email or text the report to the client through the iTOVi app, giving you a convenient way to share the scan results, save client information, and plan your follow-up with them.

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The iTOVi Scanner sends the electrical signatures of the essential oils and supplements to your body. Your reaction is recorded at that moment and matches them to your unique electrical signature. The iTOVi then provides you with a report of the top products you respond to best.

iTOVi uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and pairs it with a proprietary algorithm. GSR, and the science behind it, has been around for over 100 years. This tech is also used in health trackers like the Microsoft Band, Jawbone UP3, Basis Peak, and others.

The iTOVi Scanner is not a diagnostic device. If you have specific healthcare concerns, please consult a physician.

Yes! The iTOVi Scanner is registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device.

Many factors will influence your unique electrical signature and conductivity including: Emotional intensity, heart rate, body temperature, illness and medications, diet, stress, sleep, and hormones.

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