It's "Oil Madness"

It’s time to vote for your favorite oil!

Welcome to our Annual March Oil Madness!

Vote for your favorite oils as they go head-to-head. Each vote enters you to win an iTOVi Scanner with Lifetime access, or an upgrade if you've already purchased one!


Thank you all for playing! The Lucky Winner will be announced on our social stories and receive an email by end of the day, March 22nd!
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So, what do we do at iTOVi and how does the Wellness Scanner work?

Our two missions at iTOVi are simple:

First, we strive to support the wellness of every customer, and; second, we strive to support those who are building a product-based business.

From the beginning:

We've provided over 6 million product recommendations and now support close to 50,000 product/essential oil users and their businesses.

How the iTOVi Wellness Scanner works:

The iTOVi Wellness Scanner uses galvanic skin response (GSR) technology. Commonly used in fitness wearables and bio-tracking devices, GSR takes live readings of your body’s acute responses to stimuli—in this case the precise frequencies of your favorite wellness products. The iTOVi Algorithm then sorts through your personal biometric data and creates a personalized scan report, recommending the essential oils, supplements, and other wellness products to which your body had the best response. To enhance your scan report, we have worked with industry leaders to categorize these products into emotional categories and physical categories, allowing you to easily identify and choose areas of wellness to focus on in your daily life.

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