Frequently Asked Questions2018-09-17T14:33:16+00:00
How do I know which oils I need the most?2018-06-14T13:18:18+00:00

The iTOVi scanner does not tell you which products you need the most. Instead, it shows you which products your body has the strongest response to.

Do the different categories mean that I have to take the product differently? (topically, aromatically, ingested, etc.)2017-08-29T14:03:43+00:00

No, the Health Triad does not tell you how the product is to be used. Usage is included for each product separate from the Health Triad.

Why is each product placed in specific categories? What does it mean? and who decided that ___ product should be in the ____ category?2017-08-29T14:03:43+00:00

Products are placed in the Health Triad based on the way they are most commonly and safely used. The products that fall under the Emotional category may influence well-being, attitude, and mood. The products that fall under the Environmental category may influence our response to our immediate surroundings. The products that fall under the Physical category may affect our physical health and wellness.

What are the badges for? Do we get anything if we get any particular amount?2017-08-29T14:03:43+00:00

Badges are a fun and creative addition to App 2.0. Currently, they are more for personal merit and fun but may hold more value at some point in the future.

What does the Sync iTOVi Data button do?2017-08-29T14:03:43+00:00

The ‘Sync iTOVi Data’ button updates all your preferences and data across your mobile devices, ensuring you receive the latest content and updates.

I didn’t assign referral credit when I purchased, can I still give someone credit?2018-09-17T15:30:55+00:00

Yes. Within the first 30 days of purchasing your iTOVi scanner, you can contact our Customer Support department at 877-483-3748 and they will be able to assign referral credit. It helps to have that person’s email address when calling in.

We cannot assign credit after the first 30 days. Once referral credit is assigned to someone, it cannot be changed to someone else. Requests to assign credit must be initiated by the person who made the purchase, not the person receiving credit.

Can I participate in an event promotion even if I was not there?2017-08-29T14:03:44+00:00

Promotions or discounts that are set up specifically for an event are for event attendees only. The purchase must be made in person to get the discount.

Occasionally we will run promotions that are for anyone to take advantage of. To be notified of public promotions, please Like our Facebook Page.


Does the iTOVi scan support the new Young Living Vitality oils?2017-08-29T14:03:44+00:00

Because the Young Living Vitality Oils are only available in the United States market, we want to show results that will apply to a wider audience. For this reason the scan will not show Vitality Oils, but instead will show the non-Vitality Oil counterpart.

What is a MAC address or MAC ID?2016-04-26T16:07:02+00:00

MAC is an acronym that stands for Media Access Control. This is basically just a set of letters and numbers that together make a unique ID for a piece of communication hardware like the wifi in your computer or smartphone or Bluetooth® in your iTOVi scanner.

Can I delete clients?2016-04-23T23:32:31+00:00

Yes, you can remove clients from your previous scans list. The process is slightly different on iOS and Android. On iOS, simply swipe left on the name of the person you want to remove and tap “Delete”. On Android, tap the name of the client and a trash can icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Tap the trash can and the client will be deleted.

*Please note that when a client is deleted from the list, the information is purged from our system and cannot be recovered.

Why isn’t the iTOVi scanner a diagnostic device?2018-06-14T13:20:52+00:00

The iTOVi scanner system is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The report simply shows a list of products based off of the changes to the electrical conductivity of the skin.

What if I keep getting error messages that I need to maintain skin contact?2018-06-14T13:23:40+00:00

One reason for this error message is that the iTOVi scanner may still be plugged in. Running a scan while the scanner is plugged in may disrupt the iTOVi scanner. Please ensure it is unplugged from the charger. Another reason you might be getting this message is that your skin is dry. The GSR technology is more accurate if your skin is moisturized slightly.

What if my battery doesn’t last longer than a day?2016-04-13T22:28:40+00:00

The battery should last for approximately two weeks, depending on usage. If your battery isn’t lasting this long, you should perform a hardware reset by following these steps:

  1. Plug in the iTOVi scanner to the charger
  2. Reset the scanner by inserting a paper clip or similar object into the small hole on the back of the scanner until you feel a small click and vibration
  3. Allow your scanner to charge for another hour

If your scanner still does not hold a charge, contact our customer support team at 877-483-3748

How long should I charge my battery?2016-04-13T22:19:28+00:00

It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to fully charge your iTOVi scanner. On a full charge, the battery should last approximately two weeks, depending on usage.

Why aren’t scans or client information being saved?2016-04-13T22:13:55+00:00

In order for scan information to be saved, your mobile device must be connected to the internet using either wifi or cellular data.

Can I use my iTOVi app while in Airplane Mode?2017-07-18T23:51:48+00:00

Absolutely! When you enable Airplane Mode on your mobile device this turns off 3 things: cellular communication, wifi and Bluetooth. In order to connect to your iTOVi scanner, Bluetooth needs to be turned back on and you can resume scanning.

Once your mobile device has an internet connection again, open the iTOVi app, tap on Settings, then tap Sync iTOVi Data. This will sync all of your offline scans with our database.

What are the minimum requirements to use the iTOVi App?2017-07-19T00:02:46+00:00

The iTOVi scanner communicates via Bluetooth LE (version 4.0+) with your mobile device. Some older iOS and Android devices do not support this Bluetooth version. Please check with your device manufacturer to make sure it supports Bluetooth LE before purchasing.


iOS: iOS 8 and later

Android: Version 4.4 or later

After placing my order, when will it ship?2016-03-20T21:54:30+00:00

In most cases, if your order is placed before 11am Mountain Time your scanner will ship that same day. Any orders placed after 11am will ship the next business day.

For a current shipping and fulfillment status, please see our shipping policies page.

How is my iTOVi scanner shipped?2016-03-20T21:50:08+00:00

The default shipping method is USPS Priority from our facility in Utah. We do offer expedited shipping methods as well. You will be notified via email once your order ships. If your order is placed before 11am Mountain Time, your scanner will ship out that same day.

How long does a scan take?2016-03-15T18:02:45+00:00

The scan should complete in 2-3 minutes or less. If your sessions are taking longer, please quit the app and open it again.

How many scans can I run?2016-03-15T16:43:29+00:00

As long as your monthly access is active, there is no limit to the amount of scans you can run.

How long should I wait between scans?2016-03-15T16:42:43+00:00

iTOVi recommends allowing your supplements time to work with your body. With some individuals it can take between 30-45 days to see changes in their iTOVi scan report.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to run a scan?2016-03-15T16:38:57+00:00

Nope. Although an Internet connection is needed to download the iTOVi app and to log in, scans can be performed without your mobile device being connected to the Internet. However, you will need an Internet connection to share the iTOVi report. iTOVi also requires you to regularly synchronize your system. These synchronizations do require an Internet connection and are done automatically. Please keep in mind that your mobile carrier’s standard fees apply when using cellular data to transmit data through the iTOVi.